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A Guide to the Romantic Goth Style

The wonderful thing about being a goth is the many different styles to explore. From trad goth to cyber goth, hippie goth to pastel and everything in between, there’s a lot of fun to be had, and killer looks to be created. 

Today, we are focusing on the romantic goth style. This fashion and literature focussed goth genre has been popular for several decades. We will discover more about its beginnings, inspirations and how to get the look for yourself. 

Table of contents

  1. About romantic goth
  2. How to dress romantic goth
  3. Romantic goth clothing
  4. Romantic goth makeup

About romantic goth

A popular sub-genre of gothic style, romantic goth takes influence from the romantic era of 1800-1850, which embraced imagination, feelings and emotion. These qualities made their way into art, music and literature, which are key interests of the modern romantic goth. This era of romanticism offered an escape from the industrial revolution and all the stress and pressure surrounding it. 

The modern romantic goth style really took off in the late 80s and early 90s. The release of The Addams Family in 1991 had goths fawning over witchy matriarch Morticia Addams and her beautiful floor-length gown. Plus, the music of the time was heavily romantic goth-inspired, with bands like The Cure, Echo & the Bunnymen and Depeche Mode in their prime. 

Today, romantic goth remains popular thanks to its timeless appeal and historical influences. 

How to dress romantic goth

The romantic goth style features some classic details. We’re talking velvet, lace, corsets and flowing materials. Naturally, the colours are dark, mostly black. However, you often see brighter accents in romantic goth outfits, pops of red, orange, green and purple are not uncommon. 

As we mentioned earlier, the romantic goth style is influenced heavily by literature, specifically authors like the Bronte sisters, Edgar Allan Poe and Shakespeare. Formal wear is a common romantic goth outfit, with corsets and tailcoats both being key components. 

At Attitude Clothing, we aim to cater to every goth. Check out these key pieces of romantic goth inspo to get your collection off to a strong start. 

Romantic goth clothing

RESTYLE Gaya Tunic Dress

This beautiful dress is an accumulation of all things romantic goth. Named after the goddess of the earth with lace detailing, flowing velvet material and a deep green shade. This is a stunning piece to start your romantic goth wardrobe. 

FOXBLOOD Morticia Maxi Dress 

Darling, I always wear black… we couldn’t talk romantic goth clothing without mentioning this iconic Morticia-inspired dress! Made with beautiful flowing fabric and a flattering scoop neck that can be worn on and off the shoulder, this dress looks simply stunning on everyone. 

DARK IN LOVE Spider Bow Mini Dress

This beautiful dress is perfect for romantic goth clothing. The corset style top with lace overlay and layered skirt looks stunning with a long flowing coat layered over the top. Perfect for meandering around an art gallery. 

Romantic goth makeup

A romantic goth makeup look is always fun to put together. Many romantic goth makeup looks have an incredible 90s grunge vibe that looks amazing on everyone!

Like most goth looks, a dark lip is a key component of romantic goth makeup. Almost any dark shade will work, however romantic goths tend to steer away from black lipstick and more commonly use a dark red or purple. The matte lipstick from VE Cosmetics in “Until All Are Free” is a beautiful shade for romantic goth makeup looks. 

Defined cheekbones are another essential for romantic goth makeup. Grab your favourite contour and blush, and make those cheekbones pop! 

Of course, a dark eyeshadow look is essential. We love the Book of Shadows Palette from VE Cosmetics for creating a range of gothic looks, and the beautiful magenta shades are perfect for romantic goth makeup.

For more goth goodness of all styles, from trad goth to witch and everything in between, check out the full collection at Attitude Clothing

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