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Attitude Clothing Alternative Resolutions

Attitude Clothing NY Resolutions


Happy New Year from all of us here at Attitude Clothing! If you’re like us, you’ve been racking your brains thinking about what kinds of resolutions you can make for the year ahead. Sure, we’ve considered the classics. Try to eat a little better, move a little more and waste time a little less – but what we’re really looking for are some resolutions that’ll push the boundaries of our alternative lifestyle. We’ve put together our top alternative new year’s resolutions to give you a bit of inspiration…


Support Smaller Alt Designers

We love the big names here at Attitude Clothing, they bring the style and they bring it in heaps, but sometimes you’ve got to remember to give some love to those small-time designers breaking through to the big markets. Take Black Hope Curse for example, these guys are tattoo artists that decided to put pen to fabric and create a metropolitan horror wardrobe. Their goal is to make the darker side of art more mainstream, but they need the support of the alternative community to make that a reality – and we’re more than happy to extend that support to these guys and so many other smaller alternative designers.


Discover New Sounds

Alternative isn’t just a style, it’s a lifestyle that brings together lovers of alternative fashion, alternative music and alternative culture as a whole. It often seems that alternative music is what brings us together and inspires our fashion, media and scene as a whole. But it’s not always about the classics. This year, we plan on expanding our horizons a little. Getting to know new music on the alternative scene is a huge part of keeping that scene alive! So whether you’re surfing Spotify or going out and supporting local bands – get to know the new sounds that are out there this year.


Try A New Look

Sometimes you’ve just got to shake things up. You might have a signature style that you really love, but need to throw in a fresh element. Why not try changing up your hair colour? If you’re thinking about going down that route, we suggest Manic Panic. An experienced and authentic part of the punk revolution, they don’t use harmful ingredients and their hair dye is specially designed to make sure it doesn’t cause any chemical burns. Plus, their colours are semi permanent – so you don’t need to worry about changing your mind and switching to another colour down the line.


Use Ethical Products

This is a huge deal for us. It’s so important to fight against animal testing, and to make sure that whatever you put on your face isn’t going to be harmful in any way. Ethical products are made using not only natural ingredients, but via ethical production & testing methods too. Concrete Minerals are a brand that do just this, in a bid to revolutionise the ethics of the cosmetics industry. Their makeup is 100% vegan, and they’re dead set against any kind of animal cruelty. Certified by both PETA and the Leaping Bunny Program, Concrete Minerals looks great on both your skin and your conscience.


Best of luck with your resolutions for the year ahead!

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