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Battle of the Brands: Black Hope Curse vs Creep Street

Battle of the Brands

Battle of the Brands

This November at Attitude Clothing, we thought we’d mourn the passing of Halloween for another year by holding a little Battle of the Brands competition. Pitting two of our freshest and most exciting new brands against each other in a battle of who can bring the most attitude! Anything could happen in this alternative fashion battle! Okay, you might need to use a little imagination, but humour us and get to know a couple of our new favourite brands from Attitude Clothing that we think you’ll love.

First up, it’s Black Hope Curse with their Silence Crop Tank Top

Silence Crop Tank Top

The skull wasp design and their classic In Darkness We Stand slogan are a strong start for this tattoo art loving brand. Their tattoo based designs are created by tattoo artists from all over the globe, so you know the darkness is sure to flow with authenticity when you wear a Black Hope Curse garment.

Creep Street aren’t phased by the impressive print and are throwing out their Death Dealers Jacket.

Death Dealers Jacket

A unisex lightweight jacket with a unique and definitely dark ‘Death Dealers’ back print and their trademark middle finger skeleton hand print. Believe us when we say this is one of Creep Street’s tamer designs. Describing themselves as the creepiest of the creep and illest of the ill, they bring the attitude wherever they go.

Black Hope Curse have responded by getting even darker, introducing one of their darkest designs, the Corpse Goat T-Shirt for the discerning satan worshipper.

Corpse Goat Tshirt

Men’s alternative t-shirts don’t get much darker than this, proving that Black Hope Curse are willing to throw themselves into the core of their brand which aims to bring artistic darkness to mainstream fashion. Can a snappy design based around devil worship be beaten?

Over to Creep Street with their Satan Is Waitin’ Bodysuit

Satan Is Waitin Bodysuit

Showing diversity with their swimsuit range, this design is Creep Street all over. No dancing around with subtle designs, they prove they aren’t afraid to get all up in your business to spread their message of darkness for all, even those chilling by the pool.

Another T-Shirt from Black Hope Curse, this time their Bloodletting design.

Bloodletting Tshirt

A departure from the usual designs we see from dark gothic brands, this design is by tattoo artist Annie Frenzel and features some seriously old school creepiness straight from your medieval nightmares.

Tired of messing around, Creep Street have kept this round simple by giving their opponents the middle finger with their F*ck Off Pin Badge.

F-ck Off Pin Badge

A simple statement that can’t be misinterpreted, and a classically alternative skeletal design. Creep Street are ready to show that they mean business whether you’re offended or not.

Who’s the winner? We hear you cry! Well it’s up to YOU. Check out these incredible brands and worthy opponents and proudly display your choice in your new alternative wardrobe…

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