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Festival Season: Are You Prepared?

Festival Season Title

Festival Season Title


Making sure you get the best out of a festival is all about the planning, so once you know you’ve packed all the essentials (camping chair, loo roll, obnoxiously large camp flag) you need to get your outfits prepared so you can show off your festival best all weekend!

We all know that the weather for festivals in England can be temperamental, so choosing the right clothing for a festival that offers you both versatility and style can be tricky! Attitude Clothing are here to help, take a look through our quick guide to dressing yourself for prime festival preparation and get inspired.

Layers (Coat), Layers (Hoodie), Layers (T Shirt)

The best way to prepare yourself for a battle of the elements is to bring layers and plenty of them! Yeah, it sounds like something your mum would say, but when the sun gets shoved aside by some rainclouds you can be sure that waterproof is going to look really appealing.

Queen of Darkness Stud Jacket

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Ragged Priest Mac

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If the campfire isn’t doing much to keep you warm, you can layer up with a hoodie or sweatshirt. Keep this on hand while you’re at the stages too, you don’t want to be missing any headliners because you’re too cold to dance!

Killstar Sweatshirt

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Normal People Scare Me

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Best case scenario, the sun’s out and it’s time to get your t shirt out! Here’s where you can really flaunt your individual style for all to see while catching a festival tan!

Disturbia Black Coffee T-Shirt

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Disturbia Megabitch Tee

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These Boots Were Made for Moshing

What shoes were you thinking of taking with you this year? Converse? Wellies? Think about it, canvas shoes are ruined at the first sight of the good old festival mud and wellies are uncomfortable after the first couple of hours. Your waterproof and comfortable solution is at hand though, with a solid pair of boots you can be prepared for long romantic walks through knee deep mud at any time!

New Rock BootDemonia Ranger Boot


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You’re all set! Enjoy whichever festival you’re attending this year, and don’t forget that if you enter our Festival Bingo Competition [link to be added] you could win a little something from Attitude Clothing!



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