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With the notorious House of Vans opening it’s first UK spot in London last week, skateboarding is once again at the forefront of everybody’s mind. A skatepark, come gig venue, come cinema, come gallery, come restaurant…it’s a whirlwind of cool. Hidden behind a tonne of graffiti and in the underground back alleys of London’s Old Vic Tunnels, this is the second House of Vans to have opened, but the first in Europe, meaning this is a probably one of the biggest dates in underground street culture.
The original skate mecca is established in Brooklyn, New York, playing host to some of the most insane hip hop, rock & metal shows, gallery showcases for some of the coolest graffiti and illustrators around the globe and of course a haven for the skate community. Established in 1966 Vans have been not only nurturing the skate community, but positively & admirably support other brands, skaters and creative forces to keep the dream alive. House of Vans is about fuelling creativeness through not only art, skateboarding and music, but fashion and all the street culture elements that come with it. A simple family ethos that sets to bring nothing but creative souls together, House of Vans is a mere physical manifestation of the creative beast at large.


The private opening party in London on Aug 8th saw some of the greatest pro skaters on the planet in attendance along with models, musicians & all the super cool kids of London under one roof. Not to mention, hip-hop heavy weights, Public Enemy doing an impromptu set, followed by DJ sets from an array of insane performers, it was THE hot ticket & a night that will easily go down in history. Now open to the public & with a calendar of awesome events in the works, we expect the House of Vans to be a consistent skateboarding and street culture paradise.
Attitude have been firm followers of Vans since our conception in 1996 & as lovers of all things skateboarding & BMX related it’s always been super important to make sure we accurately represent that passion by stocking only the most true & representative skate brands on the scene – SO to make sure you guys are not only looking legit, but always looking fresh, we’ve picked a few of our favourite skate & streetwear brands for y’all to check out prior to grabbing your deck & hitting the mean streets of London to skate the bowl at the House of Vans. We’ve got everyone from FSAS to Thrasher, Santa Cruz to Dickies & of course the big boys – VANS. Shred it!


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