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Our Top Festival Tips for Festival Season 2019

Festival season is upon us! Whichever alternative music festival you’re heading to this year, there are a few basic festival tips that apply to all the possible festival experiences you could be faced with this summer.

We’re pretty clued up when it comes to not only surviving festivals but getting the very best out of them! Whether you’re a seasoned festival pro or a festival newbie, read up on our top festival tips for festival season 2019 and enjoy your alternative festival experience to the fullest!

1. Stay Hydrated

Yeah we know, it seems like a pretty obvious point, but when you’re knocking back your tenth beer of the day of you’ve spent most of the afternoon stood out in the sunshine near the Jagermeister tent, drinking water can be the furthest thing from your mind. Even if it’s a bit of a cloudy day, you still need to drink plenty of water to counteract the dehydrating effect of your boozing and to avoid nasty business such as sunstroke on hotter days.

Try to prepare for this ahead of time so you don’t get caught out not knowing where to get water from in a pinch. Can you bring your own water bottle into the venue? Are there water fountains you can refill a water bottle you purchase at the festival arena? Carrying rehydration sachets in your festival kit can also be a smart idea in case you do forget to keep up your water intake throughout the day.

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2. Bring the Right Bag

Knowing which bag to bring to a festival can be a real agony. We recommend leaving your bigger backpack at the tent and investing in a medium to small sized bag to bring with you to the arena every day. Think of a bag big enough to hold your purse or wallet, your ID, and any medication or hygiene miniatures (thank you tiny hand gels!) you might need during the day when you’re a good walk away from the bulk of your supplies in your tent.

We’ve got tons of women’s alternative bags for you to choose from in our collection at Attitude Clothing – so look carefully for a bag that you can keep in sight at all times to avoid pickpockets (absolutely no backpacks if you can help it!), that’s big enough to carry the bare essentials, but also that’s small enough to not be a strain for those long days at the arena. Plus, make sure to check up on any bag size restrictions the festival may have!

3. Prepare for All Weathers

While we always pray to the old gods and new that the weather will be sunny while we’re at a festival, it’s not always the case. You need to prepare for both good and bad weather – you’re literally at the mercy of the elements out there and as metal as that sounds, it’s not as fun when you catch a cold on the second day or you’re sporting horrific sunburn.

Bring a mixture of clothes from long and short sleeved tops to shorts and jeans, and make sure you bring layers such as hoodies & sweatshirts so you can cool down during the day or cosy up at night if needs be. Sunglasses are also a must-bring item, and make sure that you bring plenty of changes of socks and underwear in case you get caught in a downpour and need to change.

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4. Stay Comfortable

Speaking of clothing, it’s all well and good to plan out some dramatic alternative looks for a festival, but after several hours stood up in a muddy field you’re going to want comfort over everything else. Lucky for you, we’ve got tons of alternative womenswear that not only looks good, but feels good to wear too! Take a look through our festival collection too and discover comfortable alternative festival clothing that still looks killer.

5. Plan for The Worst!

You’ve got to think about some worst-case scenarios before you get stuck into the festival experience. Yeah, we’re not the biggest fans of organised fun either, but before you really get into the freewheeling spirit, having some basics planned out in case of an emergency is going to help you ease your mind and have a better festival experience! Make yourself familiar with where the medical tents are in case things get a little wild in the mosh pit or you’re suddenly not feeling so good.

Aside from injury and illness, sometimes its best to plan for the bigger emergencies too. You saw what happened at Fyre festival, right? Make sure that you know how to get to and from the festival and have a couple of backup plans in case you need to high tail it out of there for any reason. Plan for the smaller things too – what happens if you get separated from your mates or if you’ve lost your money? Taking the time to plan for these eventualities will save you some precious time and headaches if they do happen!

Our Top Festival Tips

6. Get in the Festival Spirit

Most importantly, get in the festival spirit! Things are going to be a little more free and easy at a festival, so get used to sharing drinks, spending time in crowds and joining with a real community spirit. You’ll find that at most alternative festivals, everyone’s there to get along and make some cool memories, so be open to chatting to those in the tent next to you, helping each other out if you fall in the pit and generally being good to each other!

Feeling more prepared? Good! If you’re looking for more festival must-haves, you’re sure to find them right here at Attitude Clothing.

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