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T.U.K are the absolute masters of footwear, their humble beginnings in 1991 saw them setting trends in the rock’n’roll world from the moment their first shoe hit the scene. The journey started by creating shoes made specifically for the alternative lifestyle. Delivering stand out designs to the tattoo, punk rock & alt culture was T.U.Ks first hurdle, which was successfully jumped and saw the brand propelled to the top of their game in no time at all. Best recognised for their influential flame design & creepers, which have been imitated the world over, T.U.K are the founding fathers of a unique range of footwear.
Constantly looking to re-invent, influence and grow their expanding empire, the San Diego team began pushing new levels of design with their upcoming collections, taking the standard creeper and adding a wedge heel, creating the incredible “stacked” creeper, which saw the brand commanding more attention than ever before. Now worn by the likes of Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Johnny Depp and countless others, there is a reason T.U.K have managed to stay at the top of their game for the last 23 years. Their Fall 2014 collection see’s the brand reinventing the classics, bringing new designs to the table and as always, setting the next trends, we’ve cherry picked a few of our Attitude faves to showcase just why these US footwear gurus are this winters hot ticket…

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We are OBSESSED with the new “Stacked Rainbow” creepers, influenced by the current 90s trend while still channeling the classic T.U.K design aesthetic, these bad boys have already proved how much of a game changer they are; currently worn by LADY GAGA…just one of the most stylist and influential humans on the planet! T.U.K have hit the nail on the head with this holographic looking, double stacked rainbow shoe. We’re 100% sure these are going to be sold out everywhere in no time at all, so grab them at Attitude while you can!






The “Flames Nosebleed Mary Jane” is a true T.U.K classic, revamped for 2014. Seeing the brand take one of their most beloved and influential designs and sticking it on a Mary Jane shoe, with a huge, super on-trend chunky heel, makes our hearts flutter a little faster. A sure-fire must have for this winter, they’ve included a rub-off treatment which means each flame on each shoe is completely unique – just another reason we love T.U.K, they surely don’t take their motto of individualism and creativity lightly!





T.U.K have once again stepped up to the plate with an incredibly sophisticated mens shoe for this fall. The “Western Buckle Jam” is made from real leather and includes a formal stitched detail on the front with a silver cowboy style buckle. Easily dressed down with jeans and plaid shirt but easily used as the finishing touch to a 3 piece suit, we’re loving this suave T.U.K look.






Last but not least we’re crushing hard on the “Tuxedo Platform” worn by the most talked about woman of 2014, the Teen Queen herself, Miley Cyrus. Miley is an avid fan of T.U.K and has helped to bring these underground shoes to a more mainstream audience, while some may think that’s not the coolest thing in the world – we think it’s pretty awesome that pop stars such as Miley & Katy Perry are reppin’ T.U.Ks! At least we can say we had them first, right? The stacked “Tuxedo” platform has contrasting monochrome leather panels and sees T.U.K once again re-invent the classic brogue design for an edgy and youthful market. Another shoe set for a sell out, get ’em quick before Miley & her crew twerk them out of stores!

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