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The Sound of Style

The Sound of Style

What came first, the alternative fashion or the music? Either way, it’s undeniable that alternative musicians are our first port of call when we’re putting together an alternative styled outfit! We’ve put together a shortlist of some of our favourite alternative music acts and the styles they’re famous for, as well as a few tips about how to get their signature style for yourself!


Rammstein | Industrial

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Often adorned with straps, buckles and chains to conjure up images of machinery, Industrial fashion can describe clothing that takes on a functional, uniform-like appearance. Often associated with the cybergoth and steampunk styles, Industrial is still considered a standalone style encapsulated by Industrial musicians such as Rammstein. Rammstein’s style can be fluid thanks to Til Lindemann’s penchant for bigger, better and more shocking performance art, but the muscular and oil streaked appearance of the band on stage always harks back to their Industrial style roots.

A simple way to add Industrial tones to your outfit is to invest in a jacket like this Queen of Darkness Faux Leather Stud Jacket to wear over a highly styled or easy and casual outfit. If you’re looking to really indulge in the Industrial look, try wearing a t-shirt with these Buckle Sleeves


Motley Crue | Glam Rock

A classic era in alternative fashion, Glam Rock saw the black and skeletal styles fall away to reveal bright colours, spandex and leopard print scarves. Glam Rock became marmite of alternative fashion style with alternative music fans either loving it or hating it, but wherever you stood you couldn’t deny that the infamous Motley Crue perfectly summed up the aesthetic of this live fast die young style.

Glam rock was all about embracing the more playful side of alternative fashion, adding tassels to leather jackets, big sunglasses and fingerless gloves with heaps of eyeliner, hairspray and bold animal prints to boot.

Here at Attitude Clothing we sell jackets that are just the trick for lovers of the Glam Rock look, take this Tassled Leather Biker Jacket for instance. Pair it with some Aviator Sunglasses, a pair of Fingerless Leather Gloves and a stand-out Leopard Bobble Scarf.


Babymetal | Kawaii

For something or someone to be Kawaii, they simply have to be cute! This style draws upon child-like elements, pastel colours and classic lolita style to become its own subculture that reflects the playful side of Japanese fashion trends. When it comes to Kawaii culture, no-one does it better than Babymetal. A controversial new entry to the metal scene, Babymetal have stormed stages around the world in their kawaii lolita styles.

We think that Babymetal would love this Morph8ne Kindergarten Suspender Dress. Pair it with some cute Knee High Socks and some Chunky Shoes to complete the look!    


Sex Pistols | Punk Rock

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Okay, it could never be said that the Sex Pistols were stylish, but wasn’t that the point? Punk style emerged not through intention, but through an authentic need to wear clothes with rips and tears in, pinning them with safety pins just to hold them together purely because you couldn’t afford another pair!

The style entered the fashion world primarily because of fashion designer Vivienne Westwood who recognised an opportunity to turn trash into treasure during the Punk revolution. Nowadays you can buy the punk look straight from our shelves with all the visual appeal of the original style. Choose tartan prints, bondage-style gear and dye your hair a crazy colour to really enhance the punk look of your outfit.

Siouxsie Sioux | Goth

Siouxsie might have brought a very 80s appeal to her Gothic style, but her melancholy dolly appearance is still a much sought-after look for the modern Goth. Flowing dresses with lace embellishments in black and other dark tones are the order of the day to get Siouxsie’s look. Try the Heartless Deadly Dress or Killstar Decay Nu-Mourning Dress on for size.

Have we missed your signature style? Never fear! We have a whole collection of clothing for different styles including Gothic, Kawaii, Psychobilly, Punk, Rockabilly, Steampunk and Streetwear.


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