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Top 5 Pastel Goth Looks

One of our favourite alternative trends of the moment is Pastel Goth. If you keep up with the goth community on instagram, you’ll definitely have seen this style growing a big following for a long while now – and as we take in the last of spring and head into summer, it’s the perfect time to get on the trend everyone’s talking about!

So what is pastel goth? Pastel goth is all about mixing softer, prettier colours on the spectrum with the darker side of alternative fashion to get a pretty unique style combination! Very closely related to Kawaii, but with that extra sprinkle of Gothic horror, you need to think pastel hair dyes and eyeshadow palettes mixed with black lipsticks, skeletal hair accessories, and unicorn spattered combat boots.

Check out some of the hottest looks on the #pastelgoth Instagram to get your inspiration!

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Pretty cool, huh? Well we’ve got a huge selection of pastel goth threads to choose from in our Pastel Goth Collection – but to help you get a head start on your pastel goth look, we’ve put together a list of our top 5 pastel goth looks currently in stock at Attitude Clothing…

1. Pastel Goth Tees – Sugarpills Clothing 

The sugar pink tones of this pastel goth t-shirt contrast perfectly with the poison filled slogan – pastel goth is all about finding the ideal balance between cute and tough and this tee from Sugarpills does just that! Pair your pastel goth t-shirt with a pair of black jeans to really up the goth element.

2. Pastel Goth Metallics – Tallulah’s Threads

Pastel goth looks don’t always have to have slogans and patterns attached – sometimes the contrast between cute colours and harsh fabrics can do the trick! Take this liquid silver t-shirt dress by Tallulah’s Threads for example – the sweet pastel pink neckline sits in bold contrast to the brash visual appeal of the metallic dress.

3. Pastel Goth Mermaids – Cosmic

Another trend on the alternative radar this year is mermaids. They’re cropping up all over the place in subculture styles from kawaii to pastel goth. Pastel seashells contrast perfectly with classic dark goth clothing on this crop tee from Cosmic.

4. Pastel Goth Lolita – Restyle

Lolita has long been a staple style for lovers of gothic fashion and kawaii culture – so naturally the style is perfectly adapted for pastel goths! Pale grey gradients contrast with a dark cemetery print on this darkly cute lolita skirt by Restyle.

5. Pastel Goth Demon Kitties – Attitude Clothing

We’re not afraid to toot our own horn when it comes to our very own Attitude Clothing collection. We love the playful side of the pastel goth trend, so take this pastel occult kitty top and pair it with some gothic leggings and a pair of metallic creepers to complete the look!

Check out our full Pastel Goth collection at Attitude Clothing for more inspiration!

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