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Are we experiencing deja vu or is the movie industry simply repeating itself?

Remakes are huge in Hollywood right now (especially live-action Disney remakes for some reason…) but is the remake better than the original? The fact is that sometimes it's best to leave the original well alone, but with special effects becoming more and more impressive all the time, horror movies are one of the most remade genres in film with directors hoping to strike more fear than ever before into the hearts of audiences. To work out whether they succeed or fail in this challenge, we've taken a look at the Rotten Tomatoes scores for some of the most famous (or infamous) horror movie remakes to work out once and for all which are the best horror remakes and which are a total flop.

Vampires, Zombies and Ghouls, Oh My! The Monster sub genre features all kinds of creatures to make your skin crawl from Pennywise The Clown to a good old fashioned zombie horde, but which Monster remake came out on top?

A group of teens + a deranged killer = a beloved horror movie subgenre, but which of these slasher movie remakes got caught and which one was the Final Girl?

Who you gonna call? Not even the Ghostbusters could help with this lot. From ghosts to demonic possession, witchcraft and good old psychic powers, which of these remakes had the movie magic to make it work?

Did you read the book before the movie? In some cases, you’re better off reading the book and never watching the movie adaptation at all! We've compared Goodreads scores to critic ratings from Rotten Tomatoes, to find out which titles should have stayed between the pages.

  • Monster horror movie remakes are the most successful (highest scoring remakes)
  • Supernatural horror movie remakes are the least successful (lowest scoring remakes)
  • Book to film horror adaptations are more successful than horror movie remakes (higher overall scores compared to movie remakes)