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Ordering & Payment

Payment information

What types of payment do you accept
We accept Paypal, Amazon Pay and the following cards:

Visa Electron
American Express
Diners Club

We do accept (UK Sterling) cheques, postal orders and international money orders,  however please note your order may take longer to arrive and it is possible items may have sold out.  For this reason we strongly recommend paying by card Paypal or Amazon Pay as items are reserved for you as soon as you place your order. If you wish to pay by bank transfer please ring customer service and they will help you. 

How do e-wallet credits work
If you have any credit on your account the balance is shown in the 'my account' section of the website. It will show as 'available e-wallet funds'.  The amount in your e-wallet will be deducted off the total order value at checkout.  If the amount in your e-wallet exceeds the total value of your order, the balance will remain in your e-wallet for future use.

How do gift vouchers work (sending?)

To buy an Attitude Clothing gift voucher just follow the link at the bottom of the page and purchase as you would a product (you will have the option to select the amount you choose, no minimum).  You will be asked the recipents e-mail address, we will then send them the voucher by e-mail on the chosen date.  If the recipient is already a customer the amount will show in their e-wallet when they log in.   If they have never ordered from Attitude before they will need to register an account and the amount will be waiting for them in their e-wallet once the account is opened.

How do gift vouchers work? (receiving as an existing customer)
If you receive an e-mail containing an Attitude Clothing gift voucher you just need to log into your account and the money will already be waiting in your e-wallet.

How do gift vouchers work? (receiving as a new customer)
If you receive an e-mail containing an Attitude Clothing gift voucher you just need to follow the simple instructions on the e-mail and create an account.  Once your account is opened you will find the money will already be waiting in your e-wallet.

Order information

What does my order status mean?
With every automatic change to the order status, you will be notified via e-mail. If the below information does not answer your question, please contact us and we can give you a further explanation.

Payment Declined/Failed:
Something has gone wrong, please try placing your order again or contact us.

Awaiting Shipping:
Your order has been received successfully and is ready to be packed in our warehouse.

Your order has been sent out.

Awaiting Return:
You have logged this item as returned, we will contact you when we receive it.

Order Cancelled:
Your order has been cancelled either because you have requested it to be or because a replacement order has been submitted. (This status sometimes appears when all or part of your order has been refunded.)

Your order has been refunded in full.

Can I change my address on an order
You can change the delivery address before an order is despatched by going into your account and editing the open order. Please note we will send your order out to the exact delivery address given, once it leaves our warehouse we cannot make any changes to the address so please make sure it is correct and complete.

Can I change my order before it is despatched
Unfortunately once you have submitted your order it is not possible to change sizes or items on the system. If you contact us immediately we might be able to track your order down and change it for you but if it's already been despatched this is not possible and you will have to send it back as a return.

Can I cancel my order
Once you have placed an order, you cannot cancel it. However, you are welcome to send it back subject to any exclusions including cosmetics and underwear which cannot be returned due to hygiene reasons. Please use the standard returns method.