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  • Glam Rock Print
    Attitude Culture Fashion Music

    Glam Rock Style Guide

    Glam rock has always been one of the more colourful alternative styles. Evolving from traditionally darker and more masculine styles such as goth and punk, glam rock offered glitter, colour, and…

  • World Goth Day
    Attitude Culture Fashion Music

    World Goth Day

    While most folks would assume that World Goth Day would be right in the middle of spooky season later in the year, it’s actually much earlier in the calendar than you…

  • How to be a pastel goth
    Fashion Womenswear

    How To Be A Pastel Goth

    One of our favourite alternative trends of the moment is Pastel Goth. If you keep up with the goth community on Instagram, you’ll have definitely seen this style growing a big…

  • Biker Fashion
    Attitude Culture Fashion

    The Ultimate Biker Fashion Guide

    Biker fashion has an unmistakable connection to the alternative scene. From the rebellious spirit of the biker lifestyle to the inspiration from biker gear that’s seeped into alternative fashion staples, biker…

  • Health Goth
    Attitude Culture Fashion

    What Is A Health Goth?

    Every year, new alternative subcultures are created. Whether you’re new to the term health goth or you’re totally into everything that health goth stands for, there’s still much to learn about…

  • Glossary of Piercings
    Attitude Culture Fashion

    Glossary of Piercings

    Ah, piercings – one of the great body modifiers. Not as permanent as a tattoo but a little more permanent than dyeing your hair a crazy colour! While we all know…

  • Top Halloween Songs
    Attitude Culture Music

    Our Top Halloween Playlist Picks

    Spooky season has arrived! Whether you’re the type that celebrates Halloween all autumn, the whole month of October, or even just on October 31st, we know that having a good Halloween…