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Gothic Christmas 15/11/2017

7 Tips for Having a Gothic Christmas

It’s nearly the most wonderful (or irritating, however you feel about it) time of the year. Christmas is one of those times that’s packed with traditions, but where’s the fun in having the same Christmas as everyone else? That’s where our Attitude Clothing Gothic Christmas comes in. We’ve got everything you need to have the perfect alternative Christmas. So sit back, grab a witches’ brew and read our guide to having a good old Gothic Christmas. 1. Turn Off The Traditional Christmas Songs We’ve heard all of them once, and... Read More

Attitude Clothing New Season Clothing 16/05/2017

Attitude Clothing New Season Checklist SS17

It’s a brand new season here at Attitude Clothing! Just because the sun’s in the sky for longer doesn’t mean things aren’t still as delightfully dark in here. We’ve got tons of brand new lines in all your favourite alternative styles from some of the best and biggest alternative brands in the game. To help you get your new season wardrobes in check, we’ve put together a new season checklist with all the hottest new lines so you can make sure you haven’t missed a single new trend. Click here... Read More

World Goth Day 2017 15/05/2017

World Goth Day 2017

World Goth Day is one of the most important dates in our calendars! If you’re wondering what it is, well it’s pretty self explanatory – it’s a day when fans of all things gothic, from music to fashion and more, come together to celebrate the goth scene as a whole and make themselves known to the rest of the world! Originating in the UK in 2009, World Goth Day falls on May 22nd every year and is now celebrated internationally. It began as ‘Goth Day’ – a day when BBC... Read More

Top 5 Pastel Goth Looks 08/05/2017

Top 5 Pastel Goth Looks

  One of our favourite alternative trends of the moment is Pastel Goth. If you keep up with the goth community on instagram, you’ll definitely have seen this style growing a big following for a long while now – and as we take in the last of spring and head into summer, it’s the perfect time to get on the trend everyone’s talking about! So what is pastel goth? Pastel goth is all about mixing softer, prettier colours on the spectrum with the darker side of alternative fashion to get... Read More

Whitby Goth Weekend 26/04/2017

Whitby Goth Weekend

At Attitude Clothing, we love celebrating everything about alternative culture; from fashion to music and beyond. The goth and alternative community is a hugely supportive and creative space that’s continually developing and reinventing itself – so when an event like Whitby Goth Weekend rolls around, we can’t wait to see what amazing gothic fashions our fellow gothic style lovers are going to turn out while enjoying some live alternative music. Whitby Goth Weekend is a huge part of the UK alternative scene with hundreds of gothic fashion lovers flocking to... Read More

Alternative Prom Dresses 13/03/2017

Alternative Prom Styles

  Ah, prom. A tradition that determinedly made its way over from the US, prom has now become a staple of the british school and college experience. Usually held right at the end of the academic year, prom is the perfect time to kiss goodbye to all the best and worst parts of your school years, whether it’s a group of ride or die friends, the class clown you always thought was cute, or all memory of the awkward haircut you had in your second year. We know that prom... Read More

Alternative Accessories 06/03/2017

8 Ways to Give Your Outfit An Alternative Transformation

Alternative style doesn’t always have to be about just the clothing. If you’re not looking to add any new alternative clothing to your wardrobe, there are tons of other ways for you to invite an alternative vibe into your personal style. We’ve put together a shortlist of some of the simplest ways you can bring out the alternative in your look without having to invest in brand new threads. Hair Dye If you’re not interested in changing up your clothing, why not change your hair colour? The colour of your... Read More

LondonEdge Alternative Fashion Showcase 03/03/2017

LondonEdge Spring/Summer 2017

LondonEdge is one of the most important trade shows in the UK alternative fashion industry. Fierce supporters of all things alternative, following the trends that come out of LondonEdge is an awesome way for us to keep our fingers on the pulse of the best alternative brands out there – whether they’re long established favourites or game changing newbies. Their latest 2 day event took place on the 12th & 13th of February and saw a huge amounts of alternative brands turn out in their best alt fashion gear. From... Read More

Steampunk Style Guide 19/01/2017

Steampunk Style Guide

Here at Attitude Clothing, we like to celebrate a whole host of alternative styles and aesthetics. This month, we’re taking a look at all things steampunk. Whether you’re an expert on the Victorian influenced subgenre, or just getting to know what steampunk really is, we think we’ll be able to help you put together the perfect steampunk wardrobe with our Steampunk Style Guide. First Things First: What Is Steampunk? Way back when, steampunk started off as a subgenre of science fiction. In these science fiction novels, steam-powered machinery with cogs... Read More

Attitude Clothing NY Resolutions 16/01/2017

Attitude Clothing Alternative Resolutions

  Happy New Year from all of us here at Attitude Clothing! If you’re like us, you’ve been racking your brains thinking about what kinds of resolutions you can make for the year ahead. Sure, we’ve considered the classics. Try to eat a little better, move a little more and waste time a little less – but what we’re really looking for are some resolutions that’ll push the boundaries of our alternative lifestyle. We’ve put together our top alternative new year’s resolutions to give you a bit of inspiration…  ... Read More