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The Goth Vegan Revolution

Goth Vegan Punk Vegan

The vegan lifestyle is booming. Between 2012 and 2016, there was a 185% increase in vegan products available in the UK and the annual Veganuary challenge saw 440,000 people sign up for the 2021 challenge before the month had begun, up from a mere 3,300 in its 2014 launch.

But how did this grassroots movement get so big? And what have goths got to do with it?

The Vegan Diet

Veganism is primarily associated with diet, and more and more high street retailers and restaurants are now providing vegan alternatives. Whereas only a few years ago you’d have to sniff out a vegan-friendly store in a quiet part of town, you can now find vegan food filling the aisles at supermarkets such as Tesco and Sainsburys, and even in more unlikely places such as Toby Carvery and Pret A Manger.

This kind of accessibility has led to a boom in vegan influencers, and if you haven’t checked out gothintheraw on Instagram, you’re missing out on some seriously delicious dark delights that are completely vegan and completely gothic too.

Pro Vegan Diet

The Vegan Lifestyle

Changing to a vegan diet is a huge part of it for sure, but for most vegans, a change in menu isn’t enough. There are a few key motives for going vegan, the most popular being animal welfare, environmental concerns, and health. The first of these two reasons tie in not only with diet, but with fashion and beauty choices. That’s where we at Attitude Clothing have been quietly working away, waiting for the mainstream to catch up.

Gothic Vegan Influences

The alternative scene has always driven change, so it stands to reason that we’ve been fighting the good vegan and vegetarian fight for many years before it hit the mainstream. Hippies and punks were the leaders of adopting a vegan lifestyle back in the day, and have continued to champion the cruelty-free way of life ever since – even after the culture changed to include a huge cross-section of people from all walks of life.

Vegan Revolution

Vegan Fashion For Everyone

Mainstream fashion brands are starting to sit up and pay attention to the increasing demand for vegan leather and cruelty-free fashion and beauty products. Ethically conscious consumers are making a cruelty-free approach to fashion high on their list of priorities when shopping, and while many high street retailers are catching up, alternative brands have already got huge ranges of vegan-friendly clothing and cosmetics for you to choose from.

Straight Edge Vegan Punks Lead The Way

For a long time, straight edge punks had the monopoly on the vegan lifestyle, but looking at our vegan collection we think it’s clear that goths and alternative fans of all kinds are now taking the torch and paving the way for the alternative scene to get more involved in saving animals and the environment. Whichever alternative subculture is your favourite, you’ll now be able to find vegan-friendly fashion, vegan footwear, and vegan cosmetics including vegan makeup for you to enjoy with a squeaky clean conscience.

Vegan Fashion

When we talk about vegan clothing, we’re usually talking about vegan leather. A lot of the vegan womenswear and vegan menswear you’ll find at Attitude Clothing contains some form of vegan leather whether it’s made from it entirely or simply has a few design features made from vegan leather. Whatever the style, you can be sure that vegan fashion in our collection is entirely cruelty-free and available from some of your favourite alternative vegan brands including Punk RaveRestyle and more.

Vegan Footwear

For many years, the best boots around were made from the finest leathers, meaning that a kickass pair of alternative boots or classic goth boots were far from vegan. However, we have good news. Tons of the biggest names in gothic footwear are on the vegan train and there are now huge ranges of vegan boots and vegan footwear for you to choose from. Check out women’s vegan footwear and men’s vegan footwear in our collection, by some of your favourite alternative footwear brands such as Demonia, TUK Shoes and New Rock.

Vegan Cosmetics

Cosmetics companies have long been publically against animal testing, but how many of them actually commit to removing animal cruelty or involvement with their beauty products as a whole? Here at Attitude Clothing, our vegan cosmetics are 100% vegan and therefore 100% cruelty free throughout the whole process, from production to creation and testing. This means that when you shop our vegan beauty products, you’ll find vegan cosmetics including vegan makeup, vegan hair dye and more by brands that are completely committed to the vegan cause such as Mermaid Salon, Manic Panic, and Medusa’s Make Up.

We’ve only mentioned a few of the gothic and alternative brands that are involved in supporting the vegan revolution, but you can check them all out in our full vegan collection at Attitude Clothing – a hub for all things alternative and cruelty-free. Together, we believe that goths and vegans can make a difference!

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A Beginner’s Guide to Grunge

Grunge Fashion

Think about the grunge scene and you’ll probably conjure up an image of Kurt Cobain in the 90s, baggy jeans, striped jumpers and noisy angst. You wouldn’t be completely wrong, but there was a lot more to the grunge scene than Nirvana. There’s a serious appetite for grunge on the alternative scene at the moment, particularly the fashion, but before you pillage our grunge collection, why not take a minute to learn about what the grunge movement was, how it got started, and why it remains such an important part of the alternative scene?

What Is Grunge?

Grunge is often known as the ‘Seattle Sound’, on account of the ‘big four’ contributors to the genre all hailing from the northwest city. The term is pretty synonymous with bands of the 80s and 90s from this area of America, including Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Mudhoney and Screaming Trees. Effectively, grunge is a particular sound, and a particular look, tied to a particular genre of music, just like many of the popular subcultures on the alternative scene!

What Does Grunge Sound Like?

If for some reason you’d never listened to any of these bands (what have you been doing??), you’d be able to pick out the grunge sound from a crowd by looking out for high levels of distortion, heavy feedback, fuzz effects, and a fusion of punk and metal influences set against a ream of angsty lyrics. Get thee to Spotify immediately and start listening if you haven’t before, while fleeting, the grunge genre went on to influence some of our favourite bands on the alternative music scene so it’s a key part of your alternative music education!

What Does Grunge Look Like?

Grunge fashion was formed by accident. The combat boots worn by grunge musicians were simply the most sensible choice of footwear for rainy Seattle, threadbare and out of shape charity shop finds were the most affordable clothing available for the poor and struggling artists. From authenticity grew a new fashion trend, with flannel shirts, wool ski hats, combat boots and greasy hair hitting catwalks and appearing in high street shops.


Whereas the punk musicians of previous years were all about making an anti-fashion statement, this new ears of grunge-influenced musicians were simply fashion-neutral, making do with what they could afford – until grunge fashion itself became an unaffordable fashion statement.

How Did Grunge Form?

Grunge began with the alternative bands of the 80s, bands like The Melvins and Soundgarden kickstarted the grunge sound in 1983 and 1984, with bands like Green River and Screaming Trees following shortly after. By 1986, C/Z Records released an album called Deep Six which is often credited as the first time that grunge was distributed. With the addition of Alice in Chains to the scene in 1987, grunge had solidified as a genre, developing from a propensity for these bands to refer to themselves in a self-deprecating way as ‘grungy’ and ‘grimy’. Sub Pop Records saw an opportunity to market these bands under the umbrella term of ‘grunge’, and soon nearly all Seattle based bands were being lumped under the easily marketable genre.

What Happened to Grunge?

By the time Nirvana started gaining popularity in 1990, grunge as a movement itself had started to die out, but in an effort to continue the profitable Seattle subgenre, they too were tied into the term grunge. However, the term grunge had begun to backfire. Anyone who was anyone on this music scene would label those using the term grunge as a poseur, suddenly grunge was a dirty word in every sense.


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In 1991, Nirvana had gained a number one spot on Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart, closely followed by Pearl Jam. The term grunge had been transformed from a joke among musicians to a marketable genre and was now a permanent subgenre of alternative music that could easily be characterised by its distinct look and sound, forever linked to the northwest musicians of the 80s and 90s.

How Do We Remember Grunge Today?

Grunge was a pretty shortlived subculture, but the waves of 1990s nostalgia in recent years mean that grunge is once again becoming a permanent part of the alternative scene. The induction of Nirvana into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame really gave rise to this resurgence, and while the music is largely being left where it was, grunge fashion is being picked up by new generations of alternative fashion lovers.

Our grunge collection at Attitude Clothing offers you access to some of the best nostalgic grunge fashion, featuring the iconic workboots, baggy sweatshirts and distressed jeans that the grunge scene was known for back in the day! If you’re wanting to hop on the grunge trend, you can check out grunge womenswear, grunge menswear, grunge women’s footwear and even grunge accessories here at Attitude Clothing. May the spirit of grunge live on in our hearts and wardrobes for many years to come.

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Gothic Wedding Style Inspiration

If you somehow missed it, Kat Von D just had the gothic wedding of the century. Whether you love her or hate her at the minute, goths all around the world have got to admit that her wedding to Prayers was taken straight from our gothic fantasies.

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Wedding guests and wedding parties alike can take inspiration from this gothic affair, and here in our wedding style collection at Attitude Clothing we have some incredible suggestions for that gothic wedding you’re attending this wedding season.

Many gothic brides are looking for a way to incorporate a touch of gothic style into their bridal look, and gothic wedding footwear is a really simple way to add a dark little something to the look without overpowering the impact of the bridal gown.

Gothic Bridal Footwear

Gothic brides can choose how much gothic influence they want to add to their look by choosing either gothic bridal footwear that really takes it there with the gothic references such as bats and skulls, delicate gothic bridal footwear with black lace galore, or even take it in a different direction with alternative, vintage inspired bridal footwear for a pinup bride look.

Gothic Bridal Dresses

Not all brides want to go for sweeping bridal gowns, and we have plenty of gorgeous gothic bridal dresses that work perfectly as alternative bridal looks. From classic gothic prom style dresses to retro inspired bridal dresses and more in our wedding style collection.

Gothic Bridesmaid Dresses

Perhaps you’re a bride looking for the perfect alternative bridesmaids dresses? If you’re a fan of alternative style, we recommend Hell Bunny dresses for your bridesmaids. Created in stunning alternative designs that can evoke either gothic style or retro sweetness, most of our Hell Bunny bridesmaid dresses are available in both standard and plus sizes which means you’ll always be able to find a Hell Bunny bridesmaid dress that will suit your unique bridesmaids.

Gothic Groom

You can even pick up some alternative groom styles such as sweeping tailcoats for a truly unique wedding look. Whether the gothic groom in question wants to go traditional with a gothic waistcoat and shirt or make a gothic groom statement with a gothic kilt, we’ve got it all in our collection.

Discover our full selection of gothic wedding gear in our Gothic Wedding Style collection at Attitude Clothing!