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8 Gothic Beach Looks For A Darker Holiday In The Sun

If you’re lucky enough to still have your summer holiday ahead of you, or if you’re planning a little autumn/winter sun somewhere hotter, you’ll find a huge range of ways to keep it alternative on the beach in our holiday style collection at Attitude Clothing.

The alternative style is all about keeping it weird and wonderful, whether that’s making an over the top style statement that turns heads or delving into an alternative subculture like goth or punk – all easily translatable to the beach!

To make it easier for you to spot some alternative beach picks, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite alternative summer pieces to help you create some foolproof alternative looks that are sure to scare the normies off the beach so you can sunbathe (or moonbathe) in peace.

Beach looks in all their weird and wonderful forms are usually pieced together in a few different categories. First there’s the swimwear – pick a swimsuit or a bikini, then there’s beach footwear to make sure your feet don’t burn on the hot sand, next comes some sunglasses and cover up items – essential for pale goth types! – then there’s all those little accessories you might need either beach or poolside to make your holiday more enjoyable, and lest we forget an alternative look for sipping cocktails or chugging back a few beers when the sun goes down.

Let’s get stuck in and get your alternative beach looks sorted!


Whether you want to show a little or a lot of skin, we’ve got some killer alternative swimsuits for you in our collection. Offering a selection of full coverage options or swimsuits with carefully positioned cutouts, we’ve got a women’s gothic swimsuit to suit gothic beach babes of all kinds in our collection.


Not keen on swimsuits? Looking more for an itsy bitsy teeny weeny black on black on black bikini? We’ve got a huge range of gothic bikinis ready and waiting for you to show off at the beach or by the pool. Take a look at our full selection of women’s gothic bikinis to find a style that suits you!


When you’re abroad, sandals are the order of the day – all you have to decide on is the right style for you. We’ve got all kinds of gothic sandals for you to choose from, whether you’re a fan of a high platform or fancy something a little more practical for your holiday – we’re not sure how easy platform sandals are to walk in on sand, but you do you!


It’s not easy to get used to the glare of the sun, even for those that aren’t of the gothic persuasion. Sunglasses are an essential you can’t afford to be without – but that’s no reason to go for something that isn’t loud and proud alternative. Check out some of the crazy coloured lenses and weird and wonderful frames in our collection of gothic sunglasses for some shady inspiration.


Sometimes you need to give yourself a little break from the sun, so if you’re relaxing in the shade or want to cover up a little while taking a walk along the beach, you’ll need some alternative cover-ups to keep you shaded. Think denim shorts, a cool fringe top and a sunhat and you’ll be well on your way to avoiding getting too tanned…

Poolside Essentials

It’s not all about the clothing when you’re on holiday, you can invite the alternative into your full holiday lifestyle! One of our favourite ways to make a splash if you’re relaxing in the pool is a super sized pool float that has bags of attitude and quirk. One of our unusual pool floats is sure to be a great laugh!

Beach Accessories

The accessories don’t stop there either. Whenever you’re out of the water, we’ve got beach accessories that’ll make your beach experience so much more than a sandstorm in a heatwave – need a gothic beach towel? Check. How about a gothic tote bag to pop all of your beach essentials in? Yep, got that too. How about an inflatable drinks holder for in and out of the water? Of course!

After Sun Style

Ah, those long summer nights. If you’ve grown tired of the sun and wish to retire to the bar or your balcony with a few cocktails (and who could blame you), you’ll need some cooling summer evening styles to slip into. We’ve got gothic summer dresses and playsuits galore for you to choose from in our holiday shop to keep you riding the alternative wave from dawn ‘til dusk.

Feeling a little more prepared for your holiday? Great! Check out even more options in our Attitude Clothing Holiday Shop.

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