8 Ways to Give Your Outfit An Alternative Transformation

Alternative style doesn’t always have to be about just the clothing. If you’re not looking to add any new alternative clothing to your wardrobe, there are tons of other ways for you to invite an alternative vibe into your personal style. We’ve put together a shortlist of some of the simplest ways you can bring out the alternative in your look without having to invest in brand new threads.

Hair Dye

If you’re not interested in changing up your clothing, why not change your hair colour? The colour of your hair can say a lot about your personality, so taking the colour into the realms of alternative fashion can be a great way to make your style statement without having to spend all of your hard earned cash. Alternative colours can range from bright reds to candy pinks and even aqua greens, but keep an eye on alternative hair dye trends – grey is one of the biggest must-have colours of the moment!

Alternative Jewellery

Accessorising with some statement jewellery is such a fun way of adding a little alternative flair to your look. You can totally customise how alternative you want to look by choosing one key piece or several quirky items to offset your outfit, and of course the more alternative jewellery you have to hand, the more unique looks you can create for different style occasions! If you’re looking for something that works with your whole wardrobe, choose an alternative watch or subtle kawaii ring, and try out a selection of different pendants for a truly mix and match alternative look.

Alt Print Scarves

Scarves are a really simple way to accessorise your outfit, and perfect if you need your look to be versatile throughout the day! Whether you’re on your way to work or out and about around the town, flaunt your alternative style by cosying up in a scarf with an alternative print. If you want to emphasise the gothic elements of your style, try a hoody scarf or go for practical alternative style on the go with a snood.

Studded Belts

Whether you’re wearing a dress or your favourite pair of jeans, belts can be a great way to add an alternative element to your look. While there are many different styles of belt available to suit a whole range of different alternative styles, we still love the throwback studded belt – a firm favourite in the alternative fashion arsenal of many throughout the nineties and noughties, and still going strong today! If you’re not into the studded belt (even the classics aren’t for everyone!) you could try going down the chained goth route or even choose a vintage rockabilly belt with bright colours and bows. Wear it your way with Attitude Clothing.

Bags & Backpacks

Carry a piece of alternative fashion around with you wherever you go! Our bags and backpacks are created in a huge range of alternative styles that you’re sure to love. A handbag can say a lot about a person, and they’re often used as the statement piece when creating fashionable looks. We’ve got everything you could possibly need, from kawaii clutch bags to gothic shoulder bags and punk backpacks and more. Perfect for carrying a few little extra alternative accessories while on the go, too!

Cosplay Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are an amazing and unique way to upsell your alternative style away from your wardrobe. Whether you’re putting together a cosplay look, a fancy dress outfit, or just really want to turn heads at the club or the high street, check out our range of contact lenses to transform your eyes into your biggest alternative statement. Guaranteed to have people around you doing a double take, our alternative contact lenses are a great way to make a big statement by changing very little about your everyday look.

Festival Wristbands & Chokers

Alternative style goes hand in hand with alternative music, and we all love a good festival. Add to your festival entry wristband with a few alternative festival wristbands of your own with alt designs you’ll love. A cute addition to your outfit either at the festival or back at home, festival wristbands immediately show people that you’re into the alternative music scene as well as the style. If you want to be a little more heavy handed with the wrist and neck style, try one of our alternative chokers on for size – as subtle or statement as you’d like them to be!

Pins & Punk Patches

Patches and pins have always been a staple of punk style, literally wearing your style statement on your sleeve. But in recent years other alternative styles such as Kawaii have taken over the pins and patches market with their sassy slogans and emoji inspired designs. Easily pinned or sewn to bags, jackets, jeans and any item of clothing or fabric you can think of, pins and patches have the ability to completely transform a look.

We have something for every individual alternative style at Attitude Clothing. Find accessories like these to put together a perfectly stylised look whether you’re a goth gal, punk princess or kawaii fangirl, take your outfit from everyday to alt girl fashionista in no time.

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