Freshers With Attitude

Freshers With Attitude

Here at Attitude Clothing we like to help you to make an impact wherever you go in life, especially when you’re starting out at university. The perfect time to take a look at what your wardrobe says about you and load up on clothing and accessories that reflect your wicked sense of alternative style and personality. Whatever alternative aesthetic you like to rock in and out of the lecture theatre, we’ve got your covered with our quick guide to styling yourself ready for showing the campus that you’re a fresher with attitude.

Bag It Up

Starting on the campus can be difficult enough without having to try and juggle the campus map, ten freshers goody bags and all your books! Make sure that you get a brand new bag or backpack to carry all your essential gear – freeing you up to take full advantage of the free pizza and cheap beer with both hands. We’ve got a great selection of alternative backpacks perfect for rocking your style on campus from the front and the back.

Pin On a Personal Touch

Okay so you’ve got the perfect outfit…but it’s all plain black. Sure, that’s cool! But if you really want to stand out and make a statement, why not try adding some pins or patches to give yourself a bit of a punk edge and maybe even a few talking points so you can start making friends as soon as the year starts. We’ve got cute pins and deadly patches all bursting with punk finesse to finish off your freshers week style.

A Time of Reinvention

Starting university is the ultimate time of reinvention for many. Maybe you’re cool with your natural hair colour and rocking the fresh faced look, but if you’re looking to mix things up then this is the time to take the plunge! Transform your mousy brown locks into something to really talk about with some crazy coloured hair dye, and experiment with new makeup every day of freshers week with our alternative and cruelty free cosmetics here at Attitude Clothing.

Autumn Asskickers

Freshers week hails the beginning of Autumn, welcoming in the darkness once more. Make sure you’re not caught without some autumn asskicking boots, ready to scuff up the campus leaves and stomp through puddles to your heart’s desire! Reliable and great for rushing to class if you’ve missed your alarm, check out our great selection of boots for men and women to find something to suit your alternative style and the campus lifestyle too!

Cold Weather Alternative Couture

Of course, with Autumn comes the cold winds and harsh rains. The perfect alternative atmosphere, but not if you’re showing up to class freezing and soaked through. Invest in a coat or jacket from our alternative couture collections for men and women. We’ve got something for every style, whether you’re into gothic hooded dusters, punk leather jackets or patched up denim jackets. You’ll be able to show off your alternative style underneath and out with our outerwear collections.

Enjoy putting together your alternative freshers wardrobe and have fun wherever you’re heading to university this year!

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