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How To Be A Pastel Goth

How to be a pastel goth

One of our favourite alternative trends of the moment is Pastel Goth. If you keep up with the goth community on Instagram, you’ll have definitely seen this style growing a big following for a long while now – if you’re looking to take your alternative style in a new direction, it’s the perfect time to get on the alt trend everyone’s talking about!

What Is Pastel Goth?

Pastel goth is all about mixing softer, prettier colours on the spectrum with the darker side of alternative fashion to get a pretty unique style combination! Very closely related to kawaii style, but with that extra sprinkle of gothic horror, you need to think pastel hair dyes and eyeshadow palettes mixed with black lipsticks, skeletal hair accessories, and unicorn spattered combat boots.

Where Did Pastel Goth Come From?

For diehard goths, the whole concept of a pastel goth can be a point of contention. Pastel goths weren’t accepted as part of the goth community at first with many claiming that pastel goths had no claim over the ‘gothic’ element of the look. The gothic subculture rose from the music scene as a development from punk and post-punk, while pastel goth actually originated from Japanese culture and the rise of Kawaii fashion. 

Kawaii, however, tends to focus almost exclusively on the cute and sugary sweet, whereas pastel goth delves a little deeper into the realms of gothic fashion. It’s a relatively new trend that found its feet on a little corner of the internet known as pastel goth Tumblr. Pastel goth Tumblr is full of pastel goth inspo from makeup looks to outfits and even pastel goth art. We’ve seen the pastel goth trend migrate from Tumblr to platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram, growing its community as more and more alternative fashionistas turn to the dreamy but dark style.

How To Dress Pastel Goth

There are two ways you can go when it comes to pastel goth fashion; super dark, or super pastel. Pastel goth outfits should provide a contrast between traditional gothic style and a brighter, Kawaii influence. If you can use pastel goth clothing to produce a creepy but cute vibe, all the better! When it comes to dressing like a pastel goth, we think the look comes down to two key elements: a pastel goth dress, and a pair of pastel goth shoes. 

When you’re choosing a pastel goth dress, look for styles such as collared dresses, skater dresses, pinafores, smocks, or any style that could be classed as typically ‘cutesy’ – if you’ve got a cute style, this means you can go really dark with the design. Whether you want to go for plain black or mix things up with alternative patterns and design features, the style will make sure that your look lands in pastel goth territory rather than classic goth!

Pastel goth shoes are where you can really go all-out with the pastel goth vibes. Brands like DemoniaCult are super well known for designing footwear in pastel and iridescent colours that complement the pastel goth look, but if you’re not into mega high platforms, there are other options when it comes to choosing pastel goth shoes. Mary Jane shoes are a great alternative if platforms aren’t your bag, or if you love a platform but you’re not interested in a pair of boots, creepers are another style that can fit perfectly into the pastel goth aesthetic. 

Pastel Goth Makeup

Pastel goth makeup is all about creating a stark contrast between dark, gothic blacks and bright pastels. Traditionally gothic elements usually include dark lipstick and a near-white foundation, while the pastel elements usually come into play with bright pastel eyeshadow. Another popular pastel goth makeup look is to go full rainbow – brightly coloured lipstick, eyeshadow and even eyebrows are all standout features of a pastel goth makeup look!

If you’re not sure where to start with your pastel goth makeup, we recommend choosing a pastel goth palette to work with. Depending on how you want to style your hair and outfit, you’ll want to pick either contrasting or complementary pastel colours for your makeup. If you’re not feeling super confident with your pastel goth makeup skills, we recommend sticking to a pastel goth palette of one or two colours to blend into your usual gothic makeup routine. If you’re wanting to get a bit more experimental, try a pastel goth palette with a rainbow of colours to choose from! 

Check out our pastel goth makeup options to work out what you might be most comfortable with!

Pastel Goth Hair

Dyed hair is one of the hallmarks of a pastel goth, with pastel pink and pastel blue being particular favourites! Whether you go for a block colour or a blend of more than one colour, the important thing is to keep the colours distinctly pastel. If you’re not into changing the colour of your hair, some even invest in pastel wigs to keep things fresh and interchangeable without damaging their hair!

If hair dye and playing with wigs isn’t for you, hair accessories can be a great way to bring a pastel goth vibe to your look with minimal effort. You’re ideally looking for hair accessories that walk the line between cute and scary, so sugar skull clips, gothic flowers and oversized pastel bows are perfect for a pastel goth hairstyle. 

Pastel Goth Music

As with most alternative subcultures, pastel goth music plays a huge part in the scene. Pastel goth music covers a lot of gothic bands as you might expect, but there are some artists in particular that are closely affiliated with the pastel goth vibe. Back in 2017, a Pastel Goth compilation album was released which really helped to define the pastel goth sound. Pastel Goth featured artists such as Lorde, Billie Eilish, Tove Lo and Imagine Dragons – all of whom have an ethereal yet alternative vibe that resonates with the pastel goth vibe.

Pastel Goth Brands We Love

We’ve got a huge selection of pastel goth threads to choose from in our Pastel Goth Collection – but to help you get a head start on your pastel goth look, we’ve put together a list of our top 5 pastel goth brands we love at Attitude Clothing…

1. Punk Rave
Punk Rave are rooted in the visual kei inspiration that pastel goth developed from. Their ability to marry punk and gothic vibes with kawaii and lolita influences position them as a favourite among pastel goth fashionistas! 

2. Punky Pins
One of the best parts of the pastel goth scene is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously – a sense of humour and quirky accessories are more than encouraged, and what better way to let your personality shine through your outfit than adding some sassy accessories from Punky Pins into the mix?

3. DemoniaCult
Champions of footwear that stands out from the crowd, DemoniaCult footwear demands attention with their unusual designs and colours – including plenty of pastel options for pastel goths! 

4. Restyle
The lolita style that Restyle are known for has long been a staple style for lovers of gothic fashion and kawaii culture – so naturally the brand’s style is perfectly adapted for pastel goths! 

5. Kreepsville 666
Purveyors of all things creepy and kooky, Kreepsville 666 are a scare wear brand that love all things horror punk – perfect for adding that kitschy-horror element to your pastel goth look!

Check out our full pastel goth collection at Attitude Clothing for more inspiration!

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