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Our Top 13 Must-Listen True Crime Podcasts

Here at Attitude Clothing, we love anything macabre – and we suspect you lot might do too! While the pain and suffering of others is obviously terrible, I’m sure we can agree that there’s something about murder most foul and the killers responsible that is endlessly fascinating.

It can’t just be us that think this way either – true crime has been a growing genre of pop culture from books (Helter Skelter: The True Story of the Manson Murders has proved a timeless true crime classic) to TV series (watched Mindhunter?) and Netflix documentaries (we all binge watched Making a Murderer, admit it), but most recently podcasts dedicated to the pursuit of understanding and discussing the mind of a killer have been popping up everywhere.

Whether you’re a true crime fanatic who thinks they’ve worked out who the Zodiac Killer really was, or simply want to dip your toe into the dark pool of murderous lore, there’s a true crime podcast out there for you.

To get you started, or to keep the true crime fires burning, we’ve put together a list of our favourite true crime podcasts that we think suit all kinds of dark minds – from those that are looking for cold dead facts to those that love their murder with a generous helping of dark humour to take the edge off.


This is the podcast that we believe got so many hooked on true crime podcasts. Back when Serial season 1 started, you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing discussions about whether Adnan Syed really had killed his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee. Thoroughly researched and based off interviews with those who knew Adnan, as well as Adnan himself, Sarah Koenig is able to piece together the events surrounding Hae’s murder and leaves you wondering whether Adnan really did commit the murder he’s been sentenced to life in prison for.

A detailed and attention-grabbing listen, this one’s great for those that are new to true crime and really want to get their teeth stuck into an intriguing case.

The Dating Game Killer

Love dating shows? Love learning about serial killers? How about a serial killer than won a dating show? The Dating Game aired for many years, but its 1978 contestant Rodney Alcala would go on to be one of the most infamous winners. Convicted for killing eight victims, and suspected of killing many more, this podcast explores the truth surrounding Alcala’s life.

Great for those who prefer to hone in on all the details of one case rather than short bursts of multiple cases.

The Serial Killer Podcast

There are all kinds of true criminals you can learn about, but by far the most fascinating is the serial killer. What drives a person to become a serial killer and the violence of their crimes has long been a subject of debate, and those who have a morbid curiosity are sure to find the details they seek in The Serial Killer Podcast. Doing exactly what it says on the tin, this serial killer podcast delves into some of the most notorious serial killers the world has to offer. Exploring who they were and how and what they did, The Serial Killer Podcast aims to give you a full, rounded picture of each serial killer, profiling the killer and their crimes in enough detail to quench your serial killer thirst but keep you checking back for more new episodes.

If you love true crime but want to specialise in serial killers, this podcast is a great place to start knowing your Dahmer’s from your Bundy’s.

The Clearing

Serial killers are often depicted as loners, so it can be doubly unnnerving to find out that they’re family members. The Clearing tells the tale of April Balascios realisation that her father was a murderer. Edward Wayne Edwards has become the focus of much speculation with theorists suggesting he may be responsible for JonBenet Ramsey’s murder or may even be the Zodiac Killer. Aprils dedication to uncovering the truth about Edwards and the deaths he’s responsible for is a gripping listen.

Perfect for those that want to get up close and personal to a true crime story.

All Killa No Filla

If you haven’t already heard of comedians Kiri Pritchard-McLean & Rachel Fairburn for their promising stand-up careers, you might have heard of their podcast All Killa No Filla. Introducing each show with the disclaimer “this isn’t hero worship, we do this podcast because we have a mutual interest in serial killers, and as long as we are doing this podcast, it stops us from writing to them in prison”, each episode then descends into a combination of facts and stories surrounding the episode’s chosen serial killer, and personal anecdotes and banter between the two comedians that offer a stark yet endearing contrast to the grim true crime tales they’re recounting.

Perfect for if you want a good, down to earth laugh while learning a few gruesome facts about some of the most notorious serial killers in history!


Pheobe Judge doesn’t simply focus on murder. Her podcast goes into the details of all kinds of criminal behaviours including famous cases. Delve into the sociology behind “Stockholm Syndrome” as she discusses the 1973 Swedish bank robbery, or the psychology behind why people steal pieces of wood from the infamous Petrified Forest National Park.

If you’re looking to mix it up instead of focusing on murder alone, Criminal is a great mixed mag with some real science behind it.

Dirty John

One of the most recent true crime podcasts to make waves, Dirty John tells the story of a con man who weaved his way into the lives of an unsuspecting family leading to domestic abuse, manipulation and attempted murder. The good news is if you need a break from listening, you can also read the Dirty John story on their website, though be warned – some of the juicer details have been left out!

A good one to jump in on if you’re looking to keep up with what’s popular in the world of true crime podcasts.

Dr. Death

If you were a fan of Dirty John, Dr. Death comes from the same producers, Wondery. Dr. Death focuses on Christopher Duntsch who was a neurosurgeon responsible for the murder and disfigurement of 33 patients. The podcast delves into the crimes of the infamous doctor and unpicks the systemic issues in the American medical and hospital system that allowed him to get away with his crimes for so long.

If you’re fascinated by medical corruption, Dr. Death is for you.

My Favourite Murder

Another comedy duo taking on the murky depths of true crime, My Favourite Murder hosts Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark have been breaking download records and gathering enthusiastic fans (which they encourage to join their ‘fan cult’) since the podcast began in early 2016. Often grabbing a spot on the top ten iTunes comedy chart, the pair recount their favourite murder tales and even invite friends and fans in to talk about hometown crime stories!

Fans of dark humour, rejoice. You’ll find a home here among your fellow “murderino” fan cultists.


While most true crime podcasts focus on murder or serious crime, Swindled takes a different approach. Focusing in on con men and corruption within big corporations, Swindled explores more subtle crimes that still have devastating effects upon their victims. From the Flint water crisis to poisoned baby formula and shady politics, they explore white collar crime at all levels.

If con men and corporate corruption are more your bag, Swindled is sure to give you plenty to conspire about.


With the tagline “fact is scarier than fiction”, you can be sure that you’re in for a thrilling true crime tale with this podcast. Looking at a new UK based crime every week, Casefile is known for taking big hitting British crimes such as the Moors Murders and making room for lesser known, yet no less interesting, crimes not always picked up by other podcasts and true crime shows. Accompanied by ambient music designed to keep you on the edge of your seat while the anonymous narrator (Casefile claim that the show is about the story, not the host) covers crimes from murder to abduction, Casefile is as unnerving as it is informative.

As a podcast that sets out to make you feel on-edge, we recommend Casefile to those looking to give themselves that pinprickling, unnerved feeling.

In The Dark

If you’re more interested in the legal system and its failings, podcast In The Dark is sure to give you all the judicial intrigue you need. With seasons exploring botched investigations and overturned convictions of high profile cases, In The Dark is as much about the American justice system as it is about the supposed crimes and criminals themselves.

For those who are less interested in the gory details of the crime and more interested in what comes next.

Last Podcast On The Left

Think of yourself as an all round horror specialist rather than a true crime purist? Last Podcast on the Left is a perfect blend of the two, offering you episodes that cover topics from serial killers to supermonsters, war crimes to hauntings, and everything in between. Last Podcast on the Left pride themselves on laughing their way through the dark side of humanity. A little left field of true crime, this podcast covers horror stories both fact and fiction – so while you’ll find real murders aplenty in the episode list, you can also expect to find enough urban legends and ghost stories to keep you awake at night!

Love giving yourself a scare? This is a great podcast who love to explore all things horror, real or otherwise, and have a good laugh doing it.

Got a true crime podcast you love that you think we’ve missed?

Let us know in the comments!

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