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Which Witch Are You According To Your Star Sign?

While the modern witch may not always be found rustling up toil and trouble in a cauldron, they’re almost certainly scouring the stars in search of insight into their own spirituality, energy and the way the world is working around them.

Modern witchcraft is becoming increasingly astrology focused, but while many of us may know how the zodiac affects our personality and energy according to the stars, we may be less attuned to the type of witchcraft that comes most easily to us depending on our star signs.

If you’re wanting to demystify the influence that the zodiac sign has over your personal energy and how it manifests in your witchcraft, so we’ve put together a quick guide to the type of witch you are according to your zodiac sign so you can gain a little more insight into what might be influencing your practice – and if we can help with a few astrological style suggestions here and there, all the better!

So dive in, see what kind of magic you might be best suited to based on your zodiac sign, and figure out which witch is which…

Aries Blood Witch

Aries, get your candles at the ready because you are a blood witch. But what does that have to do with candles? Well, blood witches have the ability to cast super powerful candle magic spells. Candle magic is all about taming powerful flows of energy such as the fiery passion that flows within you. Known for being a bit of a daredevil, your witchcraft is bold yet meditative, requiring concentration to focus on channelling your passion into something productive.

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Taurus Elf Witch

Taurus, do you have green fingers? That could be because you’re an elf witch. Even if you’re not a huge fan of gardening, chances are that you’re naturally very attuned with the Earth and Mother Nature. Gifted with boundless determination and perseverance, your continued hard work will manifest, leaving your garden bountiful with delicious fruits and vegetables and rich herbs and flowers – even if the garden is merely metaphorical.

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Gemini Energy Witch

Gemini, your reputation as one of the most intuitive star signs precedes you, so it naturally follows that you’re an energy witch. Able to sense even the slightest changes in energy around you, your sensitivity lends itself best to psychic pursuits such as lucid dreaming, astral projection and tarot reading. Energetic and a creative thinker, you can consider all aspects of a creative project to make it a true success.

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Cancer Kitchen Witch

Cancer, are you the feeder in the family? Love making dishes for your friends? Kitchen witches like you are known for being generous with your food and are blessed with the ability to make others feel comfortable and at home. Healing with potions or a tray of delicious treats, kitchen witches harness positive energy and pass it to others through the food they make and by making their homes welcome to all.

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Leo Enchanter Witch

Leo, if others are forever getting lost in your gaze it could be because you’re an enchanter witch. Easily able to snare the senses of others, you’re a talented illusionist that can charm the pants off anyone who crosses you. Governed by the sun, Leos are able to attract exactly what they want by focusing their energy through natural elements such as crystals.

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Virgo Hermit Witch

Virgo, it can certainly be said that you enjoy your own space. As a hermit witch, you revel in solitude and crave silence. Your magic is potent, which means you want absolute quiet whenever you’re working. You’ll often seek out this solitude in nature, heading off into the wilderness to recharge and most importantly, reinvent. A lover of new beginnings, you’ll frequently look to explore new looks and hobbies.

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Libra Music Witch

Libra, you’re music to our ears. As a music witch, Libras are often talented in the arts and can be found singing their spells to give their words a little extra boost of magic. Taking inspiration from everything around them, music witches love to bring balance and harmony to their lives and the lives of those around them – a song from a music witch can help to heal broken relationships and simmer arguments between friends.

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Scorpio Nocturnal Witch

Scorpio, you’re a night owl at heart. As a nocturnal witch, you’re taking a note from the traditional witches of old and working by night whenever you can. Finding yourself most inspired in the moonlight and active in the darkness, you have a great eye for seeing what is hidden to others and may have a tendency towards clairvoyance. Most often found head to toe in black, you can blend into the shadows to learn hidden histories and meanings.

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Sagittarius Thunder Witch

Sagittarius, you’ve got a lot of power in your hands! You’re a thunder witch, born as a child of Thor the God of Thunder. If you meditate on the power in your hands, you’ll be able to direct all that thunderous energy in whichever direction you choose. Thunder witches are considered to be particularly fair and use their power wisely, often being able to predict outcomes before they happen and even influence outcomes using their focused energy.

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Capricorn Green Witch

Capricorn, your connection to nature is second to none. As a traditional green witch, you’re able to tap into all the power that Nature holds in this world and the spirit world too! Despite being able to access all these kinds of power, you’re drawn to consistency in your lifestyle and tend to focus on achieving one particular goal at a time. You’re likely to have a routine that allows you to draw on Nature’s power such as a particular walk or hike you enjoy doing. Take time to relax on your walk and perhaps find a particular tree you have a connection with and meditate on this to draw out energy that will help you to achieve your goals!

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Aquarius Star Witch

Aquarius, keep your eyes on the sky. You’re a star witch, and very heavily influenced by the movement of the planets and stars. The night sky is reassuring to you, and you know that you can draw upon the energy of the stars any time you choose and direct them into your life. All the stars in the sky are connected in some way, and you feel part of that web of past, present and future. Take a moonlit walk next time you’re feeling conflicted and talk to the stars about your desires, they’ll have your back!

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Pisces Fairy Witch

Pisces, are you daydreaming again? You’re always away with the fairies, which makes perfect sense since you’re a fairy witch! You’ll find it easier than most to flit between the Fairy World and the world you live in, and fairies will always be happy to live in your home and garden if you want to invite them in – just be prepared for a little mischief here and there! Plant foxglove near your home to both spark your imagination and bring a sense of inner peace to your life.

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Whatever kind of witch you are, you’ll be able to find your unique style of witchcraft at Attitude Clothing.

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