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Whitby Goth Weekend

Whitby Goth Weekend

At Attitude Clothing, we love celebrating everything about alternative culture; from fashion to music and beyond. The goth and alternative community is a hugely supportive and creative space that’s continually developing and reinventing itself – so when an event like Whitby Goth Weekend rolls around, we can’t wait to see what amazing gothic fashions our fellow gothic style lovers are going to turn out while enjoying some live alternative music. Whitby Goth Weekend is a huge part of the UK alternative scene with hundreds of gothic fashion lovers flocking to the seaside town twice a year to show off their unique flair for all things alternative.

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The north east coastal town of Whitby has deep roots in gothic mythology; the author of Dracula, Bram Stoker, would frequently holiday there and as a result, his vampiric protagonist first arrived on the shores of England at Whitby. The locals really celebrate their gothic past and present, naturally becoming the spiritual home for goths of all persuasions over the years. We’ve kept a close eye on the trends emerging from Whitby Goth Weekend this year, and April’s edition of the alternative event has revealed a clear trend: Steampunk. We had a feeling this would be the biggest alternative trend for 2017 when we wrote our Steampunk Style Guide back in January. The cogs and victoriana trend is here to stay, with plenty of alternative fashion lovers showing off their industrial sense of adventure on the Whitby streets.

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On the flip side, the futuristic alternative stylists Cyber Goths returned for another year with brighter colours and bolder accessories. The thing that stood out for us most with the cyber crowd this year was their hair dye. Bright, bold and creative, hair dye and accessories have always played a huge part in cyber goth style and we loved checking out the rainbow and neon tones our alternative comrades were rocking.

It’s not called Whitby Goth Weekend for nothing. We spotted tons of classic gothic styles as well as our favourite alternative sub-genres at Whitby Goth Weekend. Our favourites paved the way for modern alternative fashion by using classic gothic style favourites and giving them an updated look with their choices of hair, makeup and accessories.

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We can’t wait to see what alternative style treasures October’s edition of Whitby Goth Weekend will uncover! In the meantime, get all the best alternative looks right now from Attitude Clothing.

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