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Why Is Everyone Turning To Alternative & Gothic Festival Fashion?

You may remember that not so long ago, the mainstream were turning their noses up at alternative fashion. That’s what made us so…alternative! Anything deemed a little too gothic, too punk, too downright weird was shunned by mainstream festival goers who were busy dancing about in a pair of daisy dukes and a flower crown.

Well well well, look how the tables have turned. It seems that in 2018, the alternative look is in for a change. The mainstream started catching up with us last year (remember seeing a ton of metal band tees on the high street?) and this year they’re coming for our festival fashions.

You know what that means folks, time to get hell of a lot weirder. Anything they can do, we can do better, and whether you’re attending a mainstream festival this year or you’re headed to a heavy metal mecca, there’s definitely room for us to head even further in the alternative direction and show them what we’re really about.

It’s not entirely unsurprising that the mainstream have turned to alternative fashion for their festival looks – it’s not the first time we’ve seen alternative style on the high street. Every now and again, the mainstream want to indulge in their goth phase. Look at Taylor Swift!

Attitude Clothing Alternative Festival Fashion

Our guess is that mainstream fashion has rolled back around to its angsty teen years and they’ll be back in their flower crowns soon enough, but it does make sense that it’s festival fashion that’s bridged the gap between the mainstream and the alternative.

Traditionally, festivals are a place where we can all let loose from our day to day wardrobes and get a little more ‘boho’ with our style. They’re a place where fashion can really begin to blur the lines with costume, and with fashion of all kinds looking to go bigger and better every year, it was only a matter of time before mainstream fashion started to be charmed by the shock factor of the occult.

Not all alternative fashion is guts and gore, though. We may have to admit that there’s some crossover from our side too – items like body & face stones, tinted sunglasses and quirky rain macs have long been staples of both festival fashion cultures, we just take them a little (a lot) further. Whereas mainstream festival fashion feels naughty for wearing something in a leopard print, us seasonal alternative festival pros know that more is more – we layer it up to the max whether we’re going for black on black or in your face clashing colours and prints.

Just take a look at some of these festival clothing combos, perfectly suited to ripping the alternative trend back out of the arms of the mainstream…

Gothic Gal Festival Style

Gothic Guy Festival Style

Kawaii Festival Style

We’ve got a ton of festival fashion and clothing in our festival collection at Attitude Clothing that’ll take the mainstream view of alternative fashion from ‘why not’ to ‘wtf’ in no time. Back to just the way we like it.

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