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7 Tips for Having a Gothic Christmas

It’s nearly the most wonderful (or irritating, however you feel about it) time of the year. Christmas is one of those times that’s packed with traditions, but where’s the fun in having the same Christmas as everyone else? That’s where our Attitude Clothing Gothic Christmas comes in. We’ve got everything you need to have the perfect alternative Christmas. So sit back, grab a witches’ brew and read our guide to having a good old Gothic Christmas.

1. Turn Off The Traditional Christmas Songs

We’ve heard all of them once, and that was once too many, if you’re looking for a real Christmas playlist, we suggest checking out our tried and tested Alternative Christmas Playlist. Guaranteed to keep you gothically festive all throughout the season.

2. Read Up On The Alternative Origins of Christmas

Christmas wasn’t always all smiles and jingle bells. From the Winter Solstice celebrations to the gory origins of St Nicholas, we’ve got a whole list of alternative Christmas origins for you to browse through while you choke down yet another mince pie in our Dark Origins of Christmas post.

3. Crack Out the Dark Decorations

Christmas trees are considered an essential part of Christmas nowadays, but no-one said anything about how that tree has to look. We love spotting alternative Christmas trees on insta; from trees with black branches to traditional trees covered in alternative Christmas ornaments to Victorian inspired gothic decor such as black lace bows on the tree, we’ve seen it all and more – surprise us and come up with your own wickedly dark version of the Christmas Time favourite!

4. Give The Gift of Gothmas

Got a secret santa gift to give this year? Why not invite your secret santa victim…er we mean recipient…with a delightfully gothic gift? We’ve got a ton of amazing gothic gifts in our Home & Gifts collection which should give you plenty of alternative gift giving inspiration for all kinds of secret santa budgets.

5. Indulge In Alternative Christmas Films

Sick of the cheesy Christmas films? We love The Nightmare Before Christmas as a gothic Christmas favourite. Who can resist a singalong with our favourite gothic kids film characters. There’s only so many times you can watch it on repeat though. If Halloween is Christmas in your heart, why not have a horror film session instead? You do Christmas your way, invite Freddy and Jason over for a terror filled Christmas celebration.

6. Fix The Old Favourites

That santa hat could look a little more witchy, right? I bet that snowflake would look much cooler if it was a spider web. Those candy canes are looking a little pointier than usual…and bloodier. You can make any of the classic Christmas accompaniments gothic with a little imagination.

7. Treat Yourself to Some Early Christmas Gifts

Nothing will get you in the festive spirit like some early Christmas presents. Take a look at our Home & Gifts collection for little treats, or really spoil yourself by indulging in the alternative fashion favourites you’ve been saving in your basket for weeks?

There’s always a way to enjoy Christmas the gothic way with Attitude Clothing!

Gothic Christmas Forest


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