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8 Gothic Beach Looks For A Darker Holiday In The Sun

If you’re lucky enough to still have your summer holiday ahead of you, or if you’re planning a little autumn/winter sun somewhere hotter, you’ll find a huge range of ways to keep it alternative on the beach in our holiday style collection at Attitude Clothing.

The alternative style is all about keeping it weird and wonderful, whether that’s making an over the top style statement that turns heads or delving into an alternative subculture like goth or punk – all easily translatable to the beach!

To make it easier for you to spot some alternative beach picks, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite alternative summer pieces to help you create some foolproof alternative looks that are sure to scare the normies off the beach so you can sunbathe (or moonbathe) in peace.

Beach looks in all their weird and wonderful forms are usually pieced together in a few different categories. First there’s the swimwear – pick a swimsuit or a bikini, then there’s beach footwear to make sure your feet don’t burn on the hot sand, next comes some sunglasses and cover up items – essential for pale goth types! – then there’s all those little accessories you might need either beach or poolside to make your holiday more enjoyable, and lest we forget an alternative look for sipping cocktails or chugging back a few beers when the sun goes down.

Let’s get stuck in and get your alternative beach looks sorted!


Whether you want to show a little or a lot of skin, we’ve got some killer alternative swimsuits for you in our collection. Offering a selection of full coverage options or swimsuits with carefully positioned cutouts, we’ve got a women’s gothic swimsuit to suit gothic beach babes of all kinds in our collection.


Not keen on swimsuits? Looking more for an itsy bitsy teeny weeny black on black on black bikini? We’ve got a huge range of gothic bikinis ready and waiting for you to show off at the beach or by the pool. Take a look at our full selection of women’s gothic bikinis to find a style that suits you!


When you’re abroad, sandals are the order of the day – all you have to decide on is the right style for you. We’ve got all kinds of gothic sandals for you to choose from, whether you’re a fan of a high platform or fancy something a little more practical for your holiday – we’re not sure how easy platform sandals are to walk in on sand, but you do you!


It’s not easy to get used to the glare of the sun, even for those that aren’t of the gothic persuasion. Sunglasses are an essential you can’t afford to be without – but that’s no reason to go for something that isn’t loud and proud alternative. Check out some of the crazy coloured lenses and weird and wonderful frames in our collection of gothic sunglasses for some shady inspiration.


Sometimes you need to give yourself a little break from the sun, so if you’re relaxing in the shade or want to cover up a little while taking a walk along the beach, you’ll need some alternative cover-ups to keep you shaded. Think denim shorts, a cool fringe top and a sunhat and you’ll be well on your way to avoiding getting too tanned…

Poolside Essentials

It’s not all about the clothing when you’re on holiday, you can invite the alternative into your full holiday lifestyle! One of our favourite ways to make a splash if you’re relaxing in the pool is a super sized pool float that has bags of attitude and quirk. One of our unusual pool floats is sure to be a great laugh!

Beach Accessories

The accessories don’t stop there either. Whenever you’re out of the water, we’ve got beach accessories that’ll make your beach experience so much more than a sandstorm in a heatwave – need a gothic beach towel? Check. How about a gothic tote bag to pop all of your beach essentials in? Yep, got that too. How about an inflatable drinks holder for in and out of the water? Of course!

After Sun Style

Ah, those long summer nights. If you’ve grown tired of the sun and wish to retire to the bar or your balcony with a few cocktails (and who could blame you), you’ll need some cooling summer evening styles to slip into. We’ve got gothic summer dresses and playsuits galore for you to choose from in our holiday shop to keep you riding the alternative wave from dawn ‘til dusk.

Feeling a little more prepared for your holiday? Great! Check out even more options in our Attitude Clothing Holiday Shop.

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Why Is Everyone Turning To Alternative & Gothic Festival Fashion?

You may remember that not so long ago, the mainstream were turning their noses up at alternative fashion. That’s what made us so…alternative! Anything deemed a little too gothic, too punk, too downright weird was shunned by mainstream festival goers who were busy dancing about in a pair of daisy dukes and a flower crown.

Well well well, look how the tables have turned. It seems that in 2018, the alternative look is in for a change. The mainstream started catching up with us last year (remember seeing a ton of metal band tees on the high street?) and this year they’re coming for our festival fashions.

You know what that means folks, time to get hell of a lot weirder. Anything they can do, we can do better, and whether you’re attending a mainstream festival this year or you’re headed to a heavy metal mecca, there’s definitely room for us to head even further in the alternative direction and show them what we’re really about.

It’s not entirely unsurprising that the mainstream have turned to alternative fashion for their festival looks – it’s not the first time we’ve seen alternative style on the high street. Every now and again, the mainstream want to indulge in their goth phase. Look at Taylor Swift!

Attitude Clothing Alternative Festival Fashion

Our guess is that mainstream fashion has rolled back around to its angsty teen years and they’ll be back in their flower crowns soon enough, but it does make sense that it’s festival fashion that’s bridged the gap between the mainstream and the alternative.

Traditionally, festivals are a place where we can all let loose from our day to day wardrobes and get a little more ‘boho’ with our style. They’re a place where fashion can really begin to blur the lines with costume, and with fashion of all kinds looking to go bigger and better every year, it was only a matter of time before mainstream fashion started to be charmed by the shock factor of the occult.

Not all alternative fashion is guts and gore, though. We may have to admit that there’s some crossover from our side too – items like body & face stones, tinted sunglasses and quirky rain macs have long been staples of both festival fashion cultures, we just take them a little (a lot) further. Whereas mainstream festival fashion feels naughty for wearing something in a leopard print, us seasonal alternative festival pros know that more is more – we layer it up to the max whether we’re going for black on black or in your face clashing colours and prints.

Just take a look at some of these festival clothing combos, perfectly suited to ripping the alternative trend back out of the arms of the mainstream…

Gothic Gal Festival Style

Gothic Guy Festival Style

Kawaii Festival Style

We’ve got a ton of festival fashion and clothing in our festival collection at Attitude Clothing that’ll take the mainstream view of alternative fashion from ‘why not’ to ‘wtf’ in no time. Back to just the way we like it.

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Gothic Wedding Style Inspiration

If you somehow missed it, Kat Von D just had the gothic wedding of the century. Whether you love her or hate her at the minute, goths all around the world have got to admit that her wedding to Prayers was taken straight from our gothic fantasies.

A post shared by Kat Von D (@thekatvond) on

Wedding guests and wedding parties alike can take inspiration from this gothic affair, and here in our wedding style collection at Attitude Clothing we have some incredible suggestions for that gothic wedding you’re attending this wedding season.

Many gothic brides are looking for a way to incorporate a touch of gothic style into their bridal look, and gothic wedding footwear is a really simple way to add a dark little something to the look without overpowering the impact of the bridal gown.

Gothic Bridal Footwear

Gothic brides can choose how much gothic influence they want to add to their look by choosing either gothic bridal footwear that really takes it there with the gothic references such as bats and skulls, delicate gothic bridal footwear with black lace galore, or even take it in a different direction with alternative, vintage inspired bridal footwear for a pinup bride look.

Gothic Bridal Dresses

Not all brides want to go for sweeping bridal gowns, and we have plenty of gorgeous gothic bridal dresses that work perfectly as alternative bridal looks. From classic gothic prom style dresses to retro inspired bridal dresses and more in our wedding style collection.

Gothic Bridesmaid Dresses

Perhaps you’re a bride looking for the perfect alternative bridesmaids dresses? If you’re a fan of alternative style, we recommend Hell Bunny dresses for your bridesmaids. Created in stunning alternative designs that can evoke either gothic style or retro sweetness, most of our Hell Bunny bridesmaid dresses are available in both standard and plus sizes which means you’ll always be able to find a Hell Bunny bridesmaid dress that will suit your unique bridesmaids.

Gothic Groom

You can even pick up some alternative groom styles such as sweeping tailcoats for a truly unique wedding look. Whether the gothic groom in question wants to go traditional with a gothic waistcoat and shirt or make a gothic groom statement with a gothic kilt, we’ve got it all in our collection.

Discover our full selection of gothic wedding gear in our Gothic Wedding Style collection at Attitude Clothing!

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Wave Gotik Treffen Festival 2018 Roundup

Held every year in Leipzig since 1992, Wave Gotik Festival has quickly become a favourite summertime haunt for goths all over the world. Billed as the world’s largest gothic subculture festival, it always takes place over the Whitsuntide weekend and promises a killer lineup of some of the hottest names in the gothic and industrial scene.

Who Goes to Wave Gotik Treffen?

This year, around 21,000 gothic guests, including those of gothic subcultures of all kinds, descended on Leipzig. Visitors from all over the world from Scandinavia to Mexico, the USA and beyond came to enjoy over 200 live performances and cultural events over the four day Wave Gotik Treffen festival.

What’s Wave Gotik Treffen Like?

Wave Gotik Treffen is a notoriously peaceful festival, with a super relaxed vibe that can only be created by such a tight knit and supportive community as the goth scene. In addition to live concerts from gothic bands both celebrated and new to the scene, visitors enjoyed medieval markets, gothic art exhibitions, readings, theater performances and more! Plus for true denizens of the night, the party continued all night long at gothic nightclubs playing everything from 80s goth to industrial.

What Kind of Music is at Wave Gotik Treffen?

If you were expecting to see a ton of recognisable goth and metal bands on the lineup, you’d be sorely disappointed. In 2018, the spectrum of sounds spanned from classical Icelandic music to Nordic Ritual Folk songs all the way to raucous Post-Punk. Wave Gotik Treffen prides itself on giving stage room to the obscure and little known acts that have a passionate following of fans – meaning the most universally-known band on the lineup this year were The Jesus and Mary Chain – mainstreamers need not apply.

Wave Gotik Treffen 2018 Highlights

With the reviews already rolling in following Wave Gotik Treffen weekend, many of them are agreed that the musical highlights of this year’s festival include Einar Selvik, Norwegian band Wardruna (famed for the intro music to TV series ‘Vikings’) and British post-punk band Detachments. The crowning moment, however, was saved for last.

For the first time ever in the history of Wave Gotik Treffen, longtime guitarist and backing vocalist for Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Blixa Bargeld performed on the Monday evening to round off the weekend with one final highlight.

A post shared by @djantz12 on

The Victorian Picnic at Wave Gotik Treffen is famously one of the highlights of the festival, but 2018 broke a new visitor record with 8,000 guests in attendance despite the changeable weather on the Friday.

Offering intellectual discussions alongside the arts, lectures featured at Wave Gotik Treffen including a lecture from the criminal psychologist and writer Lydia Benecke about unhealthy relationships in fairy tales, a talk about the concept of eternal life from criminal biologist Mark Benecke and a celebration of Frankenstein’s Monster to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley’s famous horror novel.

A post shared by Josi (@miss_deadn_gone) on

If you’re planning on heading to Wave Gotik Treffen next year, check out our collection of Gothic Clothing and our Festival Style collection for some dark inspiration…

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Attitude Clothing New Season Checklist SS17


It’s a brand new season here at Attitude Clothing! Just because the sun’s in the sky for longer doesn’t mean things aren’t still as delightfully dark in here. We’ve got tons of brand new lines in all your favourite alternative styles from some of the best and biggest alternative brands in the game. To help you get your new season wardrobes in check, we’ve put together a new season checklist with all the hottest new lines so you can make sure you haven’t missed a single new trend. Click here to check it out! 

Attitude Culture Fashion

Whitby Goth Weekend

Whitby Goth Weekend

At Attitude Clothing, we love celebrating everything about alternative culture; from fashion to music and beyond. The goth and alternative community is a hugely supportive and creative space that’s continually developing and reinventing itself – so when an event like Whitby Goth Weekend rolls around, we can’t wait to see what amazing gothic fashions our fellow gothic style lovers are going to turn out while enjoying some live alternative music. Whitby Goth Weekend is a huge part of the UK alternative scene with hundreds of gothic fashion lovers flocking to the seaside town twice a year to show off their unique flair for all things alternative.

A post shared by @origamitiger on

The north east coastal town of Whitby has deep roots in gothic mythology; the author of Dracula, Bram Stoker, would frequently holiday there and as a result, his vampiric protagonist first arrived on the shores of England at Whitby. The locals really celebrate their gothic past and present, naturally becoming the spiritual home for goths of all persuasions over the years. We’ve kept a close eye on the trends emerging from Whitby Goth Weekend this year, and April’s edition of the alternative event has revealed a clear trend: Steampunk. We had a feeling this would be the biggest alternative trend for 2017 when we wrote our Steampunk Style Guide back in January. The cogs and victoriana trend is here to stay, with plenty of alternative fashion lovers showing off their industrial sense of adventure on the Whitby streets.

A post shared by Bonny Price (@focal22) on

Get the Look:


On the flip side, the futuristic alternative stylists Cyber Goths returned for another year with brighter colours and bolder accessories. The thing that stood out for us most with the cyber crowd this year was their hair dye. Bright, bold and creative, hair dye and accessories have always played a huge part in cyber goth style and we loved checking out the rainbow and neon tones our alternative comrades were rocking.


It’s not called Whitby Goth Weekend for nothing. We spotted tons of classic gothic styles as well as our favourite alternative sub-genres at Whitby Goth Weekend. Our favourites paved the way for modern alternative fashion by using classic gothic style favourites and giving them an updated look with their choices of hair, makeup and accessories.

A post shared by Kate, England (@allmyownteeth) on

A post shared by local goth princess (@wxtch.bitch) on

Get the Look:


We can’t wait to see what alternative style treasures October’s edition of Whitby Goth Weekend will uncover! In the meantime, get all the best alternative looks right now from Attitude Clothing.


Alternative Prom Styles

Ah, prom. A tradition that determinedly made its way over from the US, prom has now become a staple of the british school and college experience. Usually held right at the end of the academic year, prom is the perfect time to kiss goodbye to all the best and worst parts of your school years, whether it’s a group of ride or die friends, the class clown you always thought was cute, or all memory of the awkward haircut you had in your second year.

We know that prom can really turn some alternative fashion lovers off. We get it – prom is notorious for playing host to sickly floor length ball gowns with puffy sleeves, people stood around the edge of a dance floor hoping for a Cinderella story and limos crammed full of classmates desperately trying to outdo each other with the darkest fake tan, the highest heels, and the most revealing dress. If you’re already feeling over it, take a look at our collection of alternative prom styles to revive your inspiration.

Prom should be a time to celebrate you and your achievements, to present the person you’ve become in all your glory. Make sure that you’re giving an impression that’s 100% authentic to you with an alternative prom dress. No matter what your favourite alternative style, there’s a way to work it into your formalwear wardrobe.

For our bad witches, we have a selection of gothic prom dresses from some of the best gothic brands at Attitude Clothing. Style the whole coven with black prom dresses by Restyle, Iron Fist and H&R London. Featuring luxuriously dark velvets, black organza skirting, and (okay you caught us) even the occasional puffed shoulder, our gothic prom dresses are guaranteed to make the right style statement for you.

We have prom dresses for our vintage vixens too! Take a trip back to the 1950s and check out our vintage prom dresses by Hell Bunny that feature cute rockabilly ribbons and vintage prints for you lovers of retro style. Another fabulous way to make a unique style statement at your prom, choosing a rockabilly influenced look allows you to stand out from the crowd without limiting your colour palette. Available in plus size options too, a Hell Bunny prom dress promises plenty of alternative fashion impact on the prom scene.

Of course, you’ll have to finish your alternative prom look off with the right pair of shoes. Check out some of the gothic shoes and rockabilly shoes at Attitude Clothing to find the perfect match for your rockin’ prom outfit.


Steampunk Style Guide

Steampunk Style Guide

Here at Attitude Clothing, we like to celebrate a whole host of alternative styles and aesthetics. This month, we’re taking a look at all things steampunk. Whether you’re an expert on the Victorian influenced subgenre, or just getting to know what steampunk really is, we think we’ll be able to help you put together the perfect steampunk wardrobe with our Steampunk Style Guide.

First Things First: What Is Steampunk?

Way back when, steampunk started off as a subgenre of science fiction. In these science fiction novels, steam-powered machinery with cogs and wheels were used rather than the advanced, futuristic technology you’d usually expect. The aesthetic of the worlds were heavily inspired by the 19th Century industrial movement – often combining futuristic ideals with the backdrop of Victorian culture.

Steampunk took the world of literary fiction by storm, and soon the movement began to spread to other media such as cinema and television before extending further into music, engineering, modern tech and most notably, fashion. Steampunk takes the best of Victorian era characters – explorers, countesses, inventors, ladies of the night, then combines them with popular street styles including goth & burlesque. It’s a punk-rock attitude to style and technology that we love here at Attitude Clothing.

Get The Steampunk Look

There are so many ways to put together a Steampunk look, and with so many different influences and possibilities it can be difficult to know where to get started. We’ve chosen pieces that we think best represent the a steampunk vibe that you can work into your everyday alternative wardrobe – all based on the Victorian characters the movement is inspired by.

The Explorer

Her majesty has sent you on a thrilling mission across the seas. Set sail for adventure in this H&R London Military Wool Coat.

The Inventor

Perhaps your next great invention is lying in that pile of scrap metal, keep your Steampunk Sunglasses and Restyle Armwarmers close to hand.

The Countess

You can’t attend the ball without the proper attire. Try these Restyle Guipure Gloves.

The Alchemist

Is it arsenic or salt? Cyanide or pepper? Take the risk with these ominously named Sourpuss Salt & Pepper shakers

The Madam

The Demonia Crypto 302 Boot. Boots that mean business, whatever that business might be…

Looking for more inspiration? Check out our full Steampunk Collection at Attitude Clothing.



Freshers With Attitude

Freshers With Attitude

Here at Attitude Clothing we like to help you to make an impact wherever you go in life, especially when you’re starting out at university. The perfect time to take a look at what your wardrobe says about you and load up on clothing and accessories that reflect your wicked sense of alternative style and personality. Whatever alternative aesthetic you like to rock in and out of the lecture theatre, we’ve got your covered with our quick guide to styling yourself ready for showing the campus that you’re a fresher with attitude.

Bag It Up

Starting on the campus can be difficult enough without having to try and juggle the campus map, ten freshers goody bags and all your books! Make sure that you get a brand new bag or backpack to carry all your essential gear – freeing you up to take full advantage of the free pizza and cheap beer with both hands. We’ve got a great selection of alternative backpacks perfect for rocking your style on campus from the front and the back.


Pin On a Personal Touch

Okay so you’ve got the perfect outfit…but it’s all plain black. Sure, that’s cool! But if you really want to stand out and make a statement, why not try adding some pins or patches to give yourself a bit of a punk edge and maybe even a few talking points so you can start making friends as soon as the year starts. We’ve got cute pins and deadly patches all bursting with punk finesse to finish off your freshers week style.


A Time of Reinvention

Starting university is the ultimate time of reinvention for many. Maybe you’re cool with your natural hair colour and rocking the fresh faced look, but if you’re looking to mix things up then this is the time to take the plunge! Transform your mousy brown locks into something to really talk about with some crazy coloured hair dye, and experiment with new makeup every day of freshers week with our alternative and cruelty free cosmetics here at Attitude Clothing.


Autumn Asskickers

Freshers week hails the beginning of Autumn, welcoming in the darkness once more. Make sure you’re not caught without some autumn asskicking boots, ready to scuff up the campus leaves and stomp through puddles to your heart’s desire! Reliable and great for rushing to class if you’ve missed your alarm, check out our great selection of boots for men and women to find something to suit your alternative style and the campus lifestyle too!


Cold Weather Alternative Couture

Of course, with Autumn comes the cold winds and harsh rains. The perfect alternative atmosphere, but not if you’re showing up to class freezing and soaked through. Invest in a coat or jacket from our alternative couture collections for men and women. We’ve got something for every style, whether you’re into gothic hooded dusters, punk leather jackets or patched up denim jackets. You’ll be able to show off your alternative style underneath and out with our outerwear collections.


Enjoy putting together your alternative freshers wardrobe and have fun wherever you’re heading to university this year!