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Self-Care Meets Subculture: Health Goth Habits For 2022


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The health goth movement is still alive and well. What started as a tongue in cheek nod to fitness fashion and goth culture has captured the imagination of alternative style fans. It’s official: health goth is a movement entirely of its own now. 

a trail runner runs in the mountains

From clothing and makeup to accessories, health goth is about making you feel good inside and out, so we can all benefit from incorporating a bit of it into our daily lives. So following on from our ‘What is Health Goth?’ blog, let’s explore all things health goth and what health goth habits we can take with us into 2022. 

a man dressed in all black in a car park

Health goth subculture and aesthetic

Do you need a refresher on the roots of health goth? We’ve got you covered! The health goth movement has humble beginnings: it originated on Facebook!

In 2014, musicians Mike Grabarek and Jeremy Scott started a Facebook page dedicated to all things health goth, and from there, the movement snowballed. For those who want to prioritise comfort, the health goth aesthetic is perfect for mixing alternative fashion with functionality.  

a woman dressed in all black sportswear

Health goth fashion and accessories

Health goth fashion lovers aren’t your average gym bunnies with bright workout clothes listening to EDM. So, where do we start with health goth fashion? Think trad goth meets cyberpunk, raver, fetish wear, and athleisure wear.

Let’s not forget the techy side of health goth. Smartwatches and wireless headphones will be your best friend when smashing a personal best 5k time while also looking futuristic.

Health goth workouts and lifestyle

The health goth workout and lifestyle is anything you want it to be. The focus of the health goth movement is self-care, both mentally and physically. 

With burnout increasing due to the covid-19 pandemic, it’s essential to focus on the small things we can do each day to make ourselves feel good. This could be anything from having a rest day in your favourite hoody to going for a jog to clear the cobwebs from your head. 

The important part of the health goth movement is living a healthy lifestyle that suits your individuality. Here are some of our favourite self-care essentials, from workouts to meditation. 


Tattooed alternative woman performing a yoga head stand in a garden

Yoga is all about mind, body, and soul. It’s ideal if you want to improve your health as there are so many different types of yoga, from slower Hatha flows to speedier ashtanga routines. 

You don’t have to be a gymnast to practise yoga. The art of yoga itself is (excuse the pun), flexible! It can be practised both at home and in a studio. There really is something for everyone like beginner flows, modified poses, and even just calmer flows that focus on meditation and the breath. And the best part? You can complete a yoga flow in your fave cosy loungewear set. 

The health benefits of yoga range from decreased stress levels, improved balance, increased strength, and stretches have been shown to ease chronic aches and pains. In recent years, the rise of ‘heavy metal yoga’ and even ‘goth yoga’ youtube channels have provided alternative music fans with a different soundtrack to their vinyasa!


A tattooed woman holding a barbell

Now hear us out on this one. Gone are the days when Mr Universe wannabes populate the weight room. Weight lifting has become an integral part of staying fit and healthy for everyone at any age. 

You don’t have to lift massive amounts to see the benefits of weights, and contrary to popular belief, they won’t make you look ‘bulky’. Higher reps with light weights and using heavier dumbbells for those shorter sets can not only strengthen your muscles. Lifting has been known to increase bone density, which naturally declines as we age.

There are also many psychological benefits to lifting weights. Often lifters describe working out with weights as another form of meditation because they can focus on their form and number of reps. Once you’ve learned how to lift safely, simply put on your favourite goth playlist or true crime podcast and enjoy.


A trail runner running in fields

Running is cheaper than a gym membership… plus, you can show off your sporty goth style as you rack up the kilometres. If you’re a complete beginner to running, couch to 5k is ideal for getting started. 

There are plenty of horror-inspired games like ‘ Zombies, Run’ for a unique experience to encourage you to get moving on the run. It’s a spooktacular Pokemon Go-style scavenger hunt where you act as a ‘runner’ for your fellow ‘zombie apocalypse survivors’ to get ‘supplies’ – complete with zombie sound effects to help you pick up the pace!


A hiker admires the view from a peak

Hiking is another one of our top recommendations for incorporating more health goth habits into 2022. Like running, you can show off your latest health goth threads while admiring the gorgeous scenery. 

The UK is packed with plenty of stunning locations ideal for hiking. Our favourites are the Peak District and Lake District for hills and woodlands, while Wales and Scotland are fabulous for admiring moorlands and mountains. 

Plus, if you’re up north for Whitby goth weekend, we highly recommend hiking up to Whitby Abbey. These beautiful 7th-century ruins are situated on East Cliff, overlooking the North Sea. Whitby Abbey was even featured in Bram Stoker’s gothic novel, Dracula! So make your goth AF playlist, grab your backpack and lace up your hiking boots to get on those trails!

Whitby Abbey

Health goth clothing at Attitude

Whichever health goth habit you choose to pick up this year, we hope it’s something that you enjoy and empowers you to keep being yourself. Don’t forget to check out our alternative men’s and women’s clothing at Attitude Clothing online, where you’ll find hoodies, joggers, and more streetwear to complete your health goth look. 

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